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standard of care.

This is a more generalized healthcare post, as opposed to being specifically about breast cancer. Now is the time of year that I have my seemingly endless rounds of doctor’s appointments. This week alone will be hundreds of dollars in … Continue reading

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moving forward….forging ahead….

  Yes, I turned these white pumpkins pink. No, I didn’t paint them, just messed with filters in my photo editing program. So my time as a push me pull you of breast cancer , health insurance, and medicine seems … Continue reading

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the next phase scheduled…(sort of)

O.k. so I got the official “all clear” from my medical oncologist – yes it is officially official — the girl needs no chemo.  So I have scheduled my next meet and greet with the radiation oncologist.  At that appointment … Continue reading

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dancing dollars and other tales

Hmmm my blog must be getting some reads because spammers have discovered me.  Hey spammers? Truly, you don’t want to mess with a woman with breast cancer. Yesterday was o.k. except I am tired and I still hurt  and my left … Continue reading

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I am scheduled this week for the MRI, chest x-ray, EKG, blood work for the vampires.   My pre-cert queen was back in my surgeon’s office.  her name is Kathleen and she is pretty damn cool.   And her birthday is two … Continue reading

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