dancing dollars and other tales

Hmmm my blog must be getting some reads because spammers have discovered me.  Hey spammers? Truly, you don’t want to mess with a woman with breast cancer.

Yesterday was o.k. except I am tired and I still hurt  and my left hand, mostly the fingers got a little swollen until I rested my arm.  My left underarm in addition to being smelly most of the time just seems to feel dry and odd – I think it’s because I am not using deoderant or anything.

Did I mention I have Aetna for health insurance?  I found out yesterday that they do not cover the creams that cost on average $85 and up that help your breast get through radiation.  Xclair, Biosane (sp?), Radiacare…all not covered.  I hear people talking about “My Girls” but that is also kind of pricey.  One that is reasonable that most women seem to like is Sween Cream.  It’s all pricey but I have to try something.

Money, money, money, it’s only money …isn’t there an old Abba song with those lyrics? YIKES.

Oh and it gets better…go ahead…ask me what radiation will cost me out of pocket every week for six weeks?  Ask… ok give up?  $250 per week.  And the breast MRI? The co-pay is $250.

Guess what? These people can put me on a payment plan.  I have to live. I am not made of money and this is starting to bother me.  Women have to worry about SOOO much when dealing with breast cancer.  Truly, it’s not fair and it needs to change.  We don’t ask for this disease after all.

I am seeing dancing dollar signs…can-can gals.

Oh part of my benefits means I get a nurse from the Breast Program from Aetna.  She’s really nice.  Wish I wasn’t so suspicious of insurance companies even if these are benefits I pay for – I think it’s left over from my Keystone years. 

I wonder if I can start using deodorant on my left pit soon.  I found an all natural no aluminum no paraben or whatever deodorant from Trader Joe’s.

Oh and I spoke to the nutritionist that came to me through my hospital’s breast cancer program – I need to know what I can take and can’t take during radiation and what I have to cut out permanently – soy is the no brainer.  But she said something about flax seed? And maybe evening primrose oil?   I did not take them too long so I am not particularly attached to them .  But she had never heard of Maca root.  Maca root kills hot flashes.

But ahhh yes, from Memorial Sloan Kettering:

What are phytoestrogens?
These are herbs that have estrogen-like activities. A few popular examples include soy, red clover, flaxseed, and dong quai.


Now Maca doesn’t have a bad write-up on Memorial Sloan Kettering’s site…hmmmm…but   evening primrose oil? No more of that.

No more flax for me either…But seriously?  The Herb Info section from Memorial Sloan Kettering is helpful

It’s hot and I have a headache…but I will think positively.  It’s as hot as hell out though….

You must do the things you think you cannot do.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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4 Responses to dancing dollars and other tales

  1. Money is the last thing a person needs to worry about when dealing with cancer. It’s hard enough just coping with what you are going through and then someone wants to talk to you about the money you owe!. I’ve been there done that. So I feel for you. I wish there was some type of program that could provide assistance with the insurance calling and the bill payments for cancer patients.

    I don’t know about Maca root, but I know that black kohosh is not good for hormone sensitiive conditions.

  2. ncbluesky says:

    Maca does not contain any hormones. It does contain saponins which fight tumor growth. And it really helps with flashes and energy and mood swings, etc. I haven t killed anyone yet 😀 so it must be working.

  3. jelebelle says:

    definitely no flaxseed. it’s a myth that it is good for women, and now in every damn cereal whole foods sells has it in it’s ingredients. my accupuncturist told me to eat “ake” mushrooms, like shitake, etc. also, accupuncture helped me a ton with healing, balancing of hormones during pregnancy while dealing with all of the BC crap, there are lots of healers that work on a sliding scale payment plan depending on the city you live.
    BTW: lots of foundations around to help with the $$ if you are in need. you might try the ralph lauren cancer center for info and guidance, i hear they are great: http://www.ralphlaurencenter.org/default.asp?langid=1

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