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nevada’s michele fiore thinks breast cancer is a fungus?

There is dumb, there is dumber, and then there is a just a jackass. The Nevada politician who thinks the solution for rape is for “hot little girls” to carry automatic weapons (her words, truly) is at it again spreading her … Continue reading

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politicizing cancer?

One of my U.S. Senators is Pat Toomey. I am a Republican, but not a particular fan as he has always been a bit right of Attila the Hun. His views on what a woman can do with their bodies, … Continue reading

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breast cancer scam callers, 2015 edition

It has been a while since I got a breast cancer scam phone call, but I got one tonight. It came in from Hershey, PA and the number is 717-298-5071. A woman asked for me by name. It was partially … Continue reading

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emotional “warrior” ? or woman first?

I saw a media inquiry fly by on social media overnight: “XYZ wants to tell the first-person story of someone who’s closed the door on cancer — maybe you just don’t identify with being a “warrior” anymore. Are you sick … Continue reading

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