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do you tamoxifen? (then read this post)

UPDATE: My CVS pharmacist just called me and she told me that there is a shortage in the Teva version of Tamoxifen, especially in the 30 day count bottles, which is what we get.  So my pharmacist bought a larger … Continue reading

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nominate this blog for a blue ribbon blogger award with country living magazine

Yes…I feel like entering a blog contest. Want to help your favorite neighborhood blogger? Then follow this link : ….and if you see the worthiness, please consider entering  ihavebreastcancerblog   in Country Living Magazine’s 2012 Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards! Winners … Continue reading

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Thoughts From The Pink Underbelly (in the last six months)

Originally posted on The Pink Underbelly:
Never one to resist a challenge, I happily undertook Jelebelle’s blog prompt this week, which was inspired by Renn’s blog prompt last week. Jelebelle took Renn’s idea and ran with it, challenging us to “post…

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It is hard to believe that in just a handful of days it will be June 1st and I will be a year out cancer free.  I am looking forward to that first official cancerversary. Life continues to transition and already since … Continue reading

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Originally posted on chestercountyramblings:
What many of my faithful readers of chestercountyramblings may not know is the crazy road that led me here.  This time last year, I was awaiting my surgery to remove a lump – yes, I had that…

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life keeps on trucking

This weekend we went to my sweet man’s high school reunion – we are the same age, a year apart. I saw many people I had really enjoyed in high school from his class and couldn’t help but do a … Continue reading

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some men are a wee bit clueless: tales of academia vs. cancer continue

So…unless you have been living under a rock, you know what is irking my Tamoxifen-laden brain this week is the whole deal with the woman named Elizabeth Furey with a rare form of  Hodgkin’s who wanted to walk with her … Continue reading

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