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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.

shot day!

Today was the day! Shot 1! The COVID19 shot I have been given is by Moderna. Finally. I was a bit emotional getting it. It’s been a year living in a COVID19 world as an immunocompromised person. It was a … Continue reading

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I lost another life-long friend yesterday. To cancer. Not breast, but a nasty glioblastoma. She was a very private person, so although I have known since August, 2019 she was sick, I have kept her peace. She asked me to … Continue reading

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cancer doesn’t stop for covid19 or the holidays

Today I made the drive down to Penn Medicine in Radnor. Yesterday was my last oncology appointment of 2020 and today I went in for my flu shot in the infusion suites. I have gotten it in the chemo lounge … Continue reading

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the cost of living…and dealing with healthcare costs

This morning I happened upon a report about women being charged and overcharged for mammograms. It was on CBS News this morning and it’s not a morning program I generally watch. But given my nine year journey with medical bills … Continue reading

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the one good thing about a global pandemic is….

I found the silver lining in COVID19. I haven’t seen much of Pinktober which I hate. This is the month I really hate because you even see pink pumpkins. Whoever thought a pink pumpkin looked good? It looks like someone … Continue reading

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skin cancer

It’s official. Again. My second cancer is skin cancer. Basal Cell and Squamous Cell. Now granted the damage was done decades before breast cancer, but technically still my second cancer. My skin cancer was discovered because after I had radiation … Continue reading

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nine years.

That screenshot pretty much says it all. And yes a lumpectomy is a partial mastectomy. I am nine years clear of breast cancer. One more year of Tamoxifen and the countdown starts in October for that. I cried when I … Continue reading

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a breast cancer survivor in a covid19 world

I bet you didn’t know you could get COVID-19 face masks in breast cancer appropriate patterns, right? And no, nothing gets token donated to legitimate breast cancer charities. Welcome to my breast cancer blog flowing stream of random consciousness. My … Continue reading

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self-serving oncologist or miracle worker?

I don’t think I have EVER been negative about an oncologist. But this one I saw on TV recently in an NBC10 Philadelphia news segment just doesn’t sit right with me. All this  it goes back to when I was … Continue reading

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and the beat goes on

It’s 2020. It’s one month tomorrow since I had knee surgery on my left knee. The healing is happening but it feels slow. Part of the problem is my left side is where sentinel node was removed when I had … Continue reading

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