boom! fake breast cancer charity knocked out in new york state!



People familiar with this blog know how I feel about fake breast cancer charities.  Well thanks to the Charities Bureau through the New York State Attorney General’s office the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation has been put to sleep in New York State.  They are canceled as in officially fake in New York (which means if you are a New York resident and they call you, please call Assistant AG Yael Fuchs at 212-416-8391 )

I completely forgot to post the letter that Ms. Fuchs sent me.   I had written this was happening in July, 2016 , and because of my writing about these scam boogers in the past (see HERE and HERE) Ms. Fuchs had contacted me about them.

Well I am super pleased that New York State has shut them down in New York. Hopefully more states will follow suit.

Don’t give money to them. Hang up on them. Report them.

Remember, legitimate charities DO NOT HIRE PUSHY TELEMARKETERS!

Use GuideStar to check out non-profits but also check with your state’s Bureau of Charities to see if a charity is registered with them…and remember just because a charity may be registered with a state it does not mean the charity is legitimate in the sense that the charity is well run and not wasting donor money.  And check the form 990s.  And if you have basic questions a non-profit can’t answer that is a big RED flag.



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2 Responses to boom! fake breast cancer charity knocked out in new york state!

  1. Diane Rawls says:

    Yay!!! Yael called me (I’m in NM) about my contact with these guys; they’ve given up on ever getting any $ from me, I think…haven’t heard from them in quite a while. Good work NY and Carla…thank you.

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