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a very pink victory: say buh byes to “breast cancer survivors foundation”

This is a really big deal.  There are far too many scam charities out there in this world. This video and a link to the official press release came with a note from an Assistant New York Attorney General: I … Continue reading

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boom! fake breast cancer charity knocked out in new york state!

  People familiar with this blog know how I feel about fake breast cancer charities.  Well thanks to the Charities Bureau through the New York State Attorney General’s office the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation has been put to sleep in New … Continue reading

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catching the breast cancer “charity” scammers: an opportunity to level the playing field

All good things come to those who wait.  Since almost the inception of this blog, I have written about BOGUS BREAST CANCER CHARITIES. I never knew they existed until I had breast cancer.  Then like magic they started calling. I … Continue reading

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boob alert: another bogus breast cancer charity – breast cancer prevention fund

Here it is the hottest day in recent memory, and I am flashing up a storm anyway today, so hot feels extra hot to me. Yes, it is 100 degrees down from I don’t want to think about it, and … Continue reading

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breast cancer research society: nothing like a rude breast cancer charity phone solicitor

I am on every do not call list known to man and God.  I have an unlisted phone number. Obnoxious charitable giving phone calls irk me the most.  Especially having to do with breast cancer.  The last time one annoyed … Continue reading

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getting solicitation calls from breast cancer survivors foundation?

So who else keeps getting calls from a charity called Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation out of Roselle Park, NJ? They have an outfit making charitable solicitation calls called “Outreach Calling” that may have a website HERE but I was told by … Continue reading

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