new year, new test


I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy last week. The anesthesia and procedure made me not so hot for a few days but I am glad I did it.

Do not ignore doing this. It was the test I was the most scared of because when I was going through breast cancer treatment my neighbor Myrna was being treated for and dying from Stage 4 colon cancer.

They removed polyps. One was hyperplastic (no concern, not premalignant) and the other was an adenoma (premalignant).

So I am on a 5 year rotation for colonoscopies instead of 10.

I had blown this test off for a couple of years because not only did the thought of it scare me, I was tired.  After going through breast cancer and treatment, I had a full hysterectomy.  For a couple of years I was like “not more medical procedures down there for a while.”

Well I am glad my primary care basically told me I had no choice I had to do it.

A mixed bag of results doesn’t thrill me I will be honest.  But better to know than pop another cancer.

Get your colonoscopies done.   And yes the prep is the singularly most hideous procedure prep known to man.  But if I can do it, you can do it.

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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right; all those people who have been recommended the procedures of Endoscopy and Colonoscopy by the doctors should go for these tests. Early detection can effectively treat the underlying disease or problem.

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