breast cancer survivors foundation outed by kane in your korner

It started last October when I grew tired of the unwanted solicitation calls from Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation.  I wrote about them on this blog and submitted a FOIA request to the State of New Jersey and did some research.

My research quickly led to this becoming one of the most popular posts on this breast cancer blog.  I received comments from all over the country.

Then one day, I received a contact and comment request from a man named Glen Weisman.  He had been contacted by this group as well, and the charity had raised his suspicions, so he had sent in a request for an investigative reporter named Walt Kane from News12 New Jersey to check this charity out.  He asked if I minded if he passed my information along to Walt and his Kane in Your Korner team.  I said sure, and a month ago Walt Kane interviewed me.

His story aired last night.   I am thrilled.  Walt Kane did an awesome job and so did Glen Weisman.

One of my favorite parts was Walt Kane calling Dee Dee Lowland, the “program director”  at Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation.  Now this is the woman who also left a comment on my blog in the “about” section that said:

Hi, I am program director for Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation and I wanted to tell you alittle bit about who we are.   BCSF is a new organization focused on helping uninsured and underinsured women obtain mammograms and other breast diagnostic services. We do this by providing grants to clinics and agencies. So far we have provided over 400 mammograms through 14 free clinics and agencies. While it is easy to judge an organization based upon its financial efficiency, the real test is what the organization does with it’s resources.    The organization was founded by a doctor who receives no compensation. The founder considered alternate ways to seek public support. Not having corporate or government funding a decision was made to do grassroots fundraising by telefunding. The advantage of telefunding contracts are numerous. First, no capital investment is required. Second, there is no risk loss. Third, the organization gets a guaranteed return regardless of the telefunding agency’s expenses.    Our goal for BCSF is develop name recognition over a period of years that allow the organization to diversify its funding appeals.     I ask that you not judge us on where we are,but rather on the good work we have done to date, and on the basis of where we are going. A woman whose life has been saved through an early detection program funded by BCSF is not likely concerned with the efficiency of the organizations fundraising.    Finally, if you know of a clinic in your area that provides mammograms or breast diagnostic services to uninsured or under insured women please encourage them to email me for a grant application.

In her little chitty chatty with investigative journalist Walt Kane she was nervous and defended the charity’s telemarketing tactics by saying “We have no corporate sponsors, but that is how we have to get money…”  – which as we all know is not the case.  I have worked with several small non-profits over the course of my life as a volunteer and otherwise, and not one, NOT ONE used telemarketers or would have.   When Walt asked Dee Dee if the people being called knew that 91 cents out of every dollar raised went to overhead like telemarketers, she verbally stumbled and said yes, that was part of what the telemarketers tell you about.

WRONG.  That is an outright fib.  I received more than one call from this purported charity and the telemarketers could never tell me ANYTHING about the charity or what percentage of monies raised went where.  What they said was I could call a number to find out (that number led to an answering service in the midwest which could also tell me nothing) , or if I made a pledge I would get information.  So NO, there was not any full disclosure going on, just an obnoxious push to close a sale.

I also will note (again) that I never got a call from this outfit until I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  They asked for me by name as a survivor so I was not part of any random computer generated numbers dialer.  I still do not know who sold them my information.  Whoever did sell it should also be outed as far as I am concerned.

I feel like a little bit of justice has been done.  I hate phone solicitations as a general rule of thumb, but this particular solicitation hit a little too close to the breast, pardon the pun.

Walt Kane, thanks for raising awareness on this issue.



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13 Responses to breast cancer survivors foundation outed by kane in your korner

  1. Eric says:

    Great work. I found your web site after I got a call today soliciting for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Foundation. After I asked how much money went to the actual charitable cause, I was totally outraged when they told me that 90% of all money raised went to the For-Profit fundraising company.

    I am very frustrated that this organization is continuing to solicit contributions by exploiting women with cancer. I encourage everyone to reach out to Dr. Yulius Poplyansky personally and appeal to him to stop:

  2. Eric says:

    Here is the best way to reach Dr. Poplyansky:

    Poplyansky, Yulius H MD
    Internal Medicine
    2845 Aventura Blvd
    Aventura, FL 33180
    Phone: 305-466-7333

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  4. Ira Wechsler says:

    Thanks. I just got a call from them 2 days ago. I do NOT like telemarketing fundraisers, but especially this type seems very seedy. I told them I would give a small sum to just get them off the phone. I said I would only send it if I got something in the mail. It just arrived. I decided to do a Google search to see about their track record. Over 90% goes to corporate telemarketing and only 10% to patients in need. That is horrendous. I will NOT give them a dime. These clowns are criminal and get their chutspa from the capitalist culture of its ok to screw working people by any means necessary. Our government is bought and paid for by Wall Street. This petty crime should not be overloojked, but the big criminals are those who pollute our food and air, and water with carcinogens that are causing all these health problems. I am a retired health care worker and it turns my stomach to see all these sick people victimized by a for-profit mentality. Some day our class will unite and cleanse the earth of all these scum.

  5. NJ Mom says:

    Thanks for the info. i was just about to send them a check when a little voice inside told me to google them. I think they may be getting their info from Englewood Hospital, since they have my very ethnic name perfectly spelled. Thanks for saving me my money.

  6. Paul PIzzo says:

    Capitalism, which is merely freedom and not an ‘ism’ at all, has nothing to do with these kind of operators. It takes street smarts and homework to avoid these scams. I’d rather pay that price than live under another system that would supposedly eradicate them.

  7. Mark says:

    Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Inc. Scammers of the lowest order. Call constantly trying to say we pledged money to them – which we did not. When we blocked their number – they send letters saying we pledged “per phone conversation with….” which no one did cause we hang up on their calls. They target people who attend cancer survivor groups and events – they somehow get people’s addresses and numbers from the sign-up sheets. They are scum – targeting cancer survivors. Do not deal with these people – give them no money – hang up when they call.

  8. Emma Henderson says:

    Thank you.I also got a call right after my daily solar group. Thanks.

  9. Ariel says:

    These people just called my mobile number and asked for me by name. I have no clue who sold them my information. They were very pushy and sounded offended when I said that I do not give donations, or “commit” to a future donation as she was demanding, without first reading third-party information about where the money is going. I’m so grateful to find these blog posts that made my research and decision a lot easier. Sad that the people working for the phone spamming operation probably believe that they are helping women.

  10. Hi, I’m Carol from Michigan. I too am a breast cancer survivor. While I was going thru treatments in 2013, my husband received a phone call from the breast cancer foundation which my husband donated to. Since then we have been receiving calls from them every year, sometimes more than once per year. Recently I went online searching for the breast cancer website as I was looking for some information. To my surprise I found lots of information regarding the phone calls and scams that had happened by the BCF. The foundation and website had been shutdown. But that didn’t stop the calls from them! I received one more call which I informed them that this was a scam and the foundation had been shut down.
    Several weeks ago I received a call from a new foundation for breast cancer survivors. The caller was automated and when they called again for the third time after I asked to be removed from the call list, I became suspicious. Especially when I asked to speak to a live person the “caller” told me that she couldn’t hear me and that she had muted my responses. So I tried calling the number on caller ID as the caller stated to do and no surprise but the number was disconnected. Last, when I talked to them on the first call I agreed I would donate after receiving the pledge card. They wanted a payment by credit card immediately. I denied so they asked for my address to send the card and that is when I became suspicious and said No and hung up. I received a pledge card after all and the name on the card is United Cancer Support Foundation!!
    I decided to look them up and am so happy that you posted the info about them. Thank you SO much! Like you I am going to contact someone from our Detroit News station and have them investigate and notify the public.
    I will remember that charities don’t call for donations. I would like to include your story when I notify the news station. Please let me know if that is ok.
    Again thank you!

    • carla says:

      You can include if you want – it is somewhat old news and I was featured in stories before on this.
      Thanks for reading! And Hope you are doing well!

  11. diane says:

    I am not a breast cancer, but a bladder cancer survivor. I have been getting calls too and just told them to send me something, thinking I wanted to check them out first. Glad to find out this information so my donations can be used for an actual charity instead! Shameful.

  12. Joseph says:

    Excellent post. I received several calls before today from one of their “projects” (name changes; I guess name recognition is a bad thing when you have a bad track record!) The project that called me is the Women’s Brest Cancer Relief Association, and I am glad I did not give them any money. Thank you for your informative post and all your volunteer work. May you always be blessed in your life and health.

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