getting solicitation calls from breast cancer survivors foundation?

So who else keeps getting calls from a charity called Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation out of Roselle Park, NJ?

They have an outfit making charitable solicitation calls called “Outreach Calling” that may have a website HERE but I was told by the supervisor of friendly Ann Marie who called me today (his name was Jeff) that they were located in NJ – he gave me a number to them of 973-999-6091 )

The helpful solicitor could tell me nothing about the charity other than it was based in Roselle Park NJ and gave a toll-free number to call 1-800-930-1220.  The other number I found on the charity is 908-241-2288.  These calls always go to an answering service in Madison, Wisconsin.

So I went looking for a webiste on this charity.  I posted my favorite photo off it of a woman with big huge fake boobs feeling herself up in a purported self-exam and sporting lots of my favorite things – pink plastic bracelets. As a matter of fact all their stock photos show women with large perfect boobs which is sooooo realistic to us survivors, eh?

I went to Guidestar for information – not much to be found and interestingly enough no IRS form 990s to view.  So I called the consumer/charity division of the Attorney General’s Office for the state of New Jersey -973-504-6215.  And interestingly enough I found something on them on the State of Washington’s website .  This site says in 2010 they had revenue of $531, 041 and expenses of $479,111 . They also listed the paid fundraisers who received money from them: Preferred Community Services, Inc., Non-Profit Services, Inc., Outreach Calling, and Safety Services, LLC

The woman in the NJ AG’s office was very helpful.  She walked me through an online public records request (I love sunshine!!) and told me that as per their records the “charity” has been in biz since 2009 and as of their last filing with the State of NJ 99.96% (I think I heard that right, but I will know for sure when I get the records) of what they take in goes to FUND RAISING.  No real money towards programs?  And they are fundraising for breast cancer survivors?  To what end?

I am still digging on these people, and my gut check is negative on them, so I say once again if you don’t know the non-profit and don’t know what they do and the solicitors  seem sketchy on the phone, listen to your instincts and ask to be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST.

Breast cancer is hard enough without wading through charity calls from people who can’t tell you where they got your full name and phone number.  And oh yeah, one other thing.  When you plug the charity’s address into Google (443 E. Westfield Ave Suite 1
ROSELLE PARK NJ 07204 ) you come back with a doctor’s office (and some amusing reviews of said doctor).  Very curious indeed….because when I called that doctor’s office phone number  they gave me the phone number of this Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation to call.   They did not seem surprised to get a call for this “charity”.  I don’t know what to think….

When I discover more on these people I post what I learn.

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  2. eloise says:

    I had a call from this group abut a week ago. I agreed to make a small donation, and received the pledge material today.I wrote the check and was ready to mail it, but a gut feeling made me hold off, and check it out first. I guess it was just that the name was unfamiliar- and there are so many well known organizations to support. I didn’t find much, except for your blog. I think I’ll hold off on my donation for now. I’ll check back to see if you find anything, but right now I think that my donation-small that it is- would be better spent elsewhere. Thanks.

  3. Bob says:

    I recently agreed to a give them a small donation, but when I looked them up on Google, I found very little about them – no real location in New York State (a post office box is highly suspicious), no board of directors, no list of programs or affiliations, etc. Other sites, such as this, showed they give very little to programs and very much to fundraising. As far as I’m concerned, and until they can prove otherwise, this is a scam. I didn’t send a donation. Not even when they contacted me again to remind me to send it in.

  4. Ed says:

    My wife got the call and agreed to give some money, but I checked them out and very suspect so no check coming their way. Their web site also has an info@ email which does not have a correctly formatted email address…more warning flags.

  5. Dave says:

    Just got a call from them ….told them I’d never heard of them and that if they wanted to send me some information to review, I’d consider it. She offered their website and a telephone number. I took the website …and as indicated above, not much to it. She also couldn’t explain more about the reason for her call other than to keep suggesting that I send a “minimum” donation that helps offset the cost of printing and mailing the material. Told her I’d make a decision after looking at the website. Googled the organization name, and came across this blog. Will be notifying my friends, etc., to just hang up when they call….The caller ID on the call said PUBLIC SAFETY, and the number was 706-247-7263…..makes you think it’s an ‘official’ call ……

  6. Syd Weedon says:

    Thanks for posting this. They called me today to “remind me to send in my pledge of $15 that I made last week.” The trouble is that I hadn’t pledged anything to them or even spoken to them. I asked my wife if she had pledged to them and she said she had not, but she had received a bill from them and assumed that I had. I think these people are scammers.

  7. Nathan Weber says:

    I just got a call from them, and knew immediately that they were a scam outfit. I knew for two reasons: first, my phone number is on the no-call list; legitimate charities honor that list. They call only if you have been a longtime donor. And second, I had been the editor of Giving USA back in the late 1980s, published by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (now Giving Institute); scam charities was a major issue we covered. In effect, I “sensed” this group was a fraud. Warning: if you ever get an unsolicited call from someone claiming to represent a police of firefighters organization, hang up immediately. Legit police and firefighters do not solicit by phone.

  8. Tim McClain says:

    Just got a call from this organization. I asked the woman if she was calling from a professional fundraising company, and she said she was calling from Outreach Calling for the Foundation. When I asked her how much of the money collected goes to the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, she said a guaranteed minumum of 10% does. When I asked what the maximum was, she started to give me an 800 number. I told her that that wouldn’t be necessary, and that a minumum of 10% going to the charity was ridiculous, and I hung up.

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  10. Aileen Jones says:

    Thanks f0r posting this. I received a call from this organization and they stated that I had given them $50.00 last year and would I like to pledge the same amout. I was suspicious immediately since I had just pulled a report on my charitable giving from my financial software and knew they were not on the list. However, I agreed to pledge $30 and when the supervisor came on the line to confirm, I asked her how the money they collect was used and she stated it went directly to cancer survivors. Sure it does! They also practically demanded that I send the check by the following Monday, 5 days away! They sent the pledge form to me but I am not giving them a dime and neither should anyone else!

  11. Jim in PA says:

    Thanks for the blog. I’m a guy and a cancer survivor. (and, yeah, I AGREE it’s not the same thing.) Anyway, I got the call today from this group. I think that they had called before. I told them that I wasn’t going to donate to a charity that I had never heard of and to put me on their do not call list. Then I thought I would check them out and here I am. I also saw the Washington state site that said they ‘consume’ substantially all of their donations in fund raising expenses – I would guess that a large chunk of that money goes to those friendly people on the phone. If you’re reading this, then you’re already in the loop. Please help spread the word.

  12. Sophie says:

    I received a “follow-up” phone call from a women who said that she was from the Breast Cancer Survivor’s ASSOCIATION. Yes, I received a phone solicitation from them a few months ago, even when I am on the “do not call” list and an unlisted phone number. This call came when the larger breast cancer charities were doing their major fund drives. After receiving the literature in the mail, things didn’t feel right and I decided not to donate. Well, this woman calls today and acts like I am a criminal AND wants me to pay over the phone via credit card or debit card. Imagine that. The address was a P.O. Box in Butler, WI. I see them listed in the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, but they have not responded to the BBB’s request for information so they are not accredited by the BBB. So which is it? Is it Breast Cancer Survivors Association or Foundation? Sounds fishy to me. No donations from me and I will hang up if they call again.

    • Connie says:

      Outreaching Calling also has a ” call center” in Phoenix. I have some information regarding the owner of the company, but there may be more owners. It is difficult to find accurate information regarding these companies, which I am sure is not accidental. No one has the right to be disrespectful to someone, especially unacceptable, of course when asking for a contribution. Just as there are legitimate businesses and not all are out to scam or mislead. There are people who are just trying to find employment and are neither rude or mean as some “solicitors” are. I just want to note that many times the “solicitors” have no idea what kind of company or group of people they have associated themselves with, or that anything there is not illegal or being misrepresented . Some of us, were just trying to support our families and took a low paying job because we had to. I have limited information, but I am willing to share information on what I know regarding the Phoenix office. Breast cancer has touched my family too…. Please don’t let rude phone people, shady businessmen or anything ever keep us from contributing to worthy groups/causes. True we need to do our research BEFORE contributing, but cancer is not going to go away on it’s own.

      • Cheryl says:

        I actually work in a call center for this foundation and yes, it is not ideal by any means. I DO appreciate that you mentioned that we are not necessarily bad people. I am a college graduate with a bachelors degree in special education as well as my teaching certification and had a hard time finding a job, and this was one of my options. I really don’t enjoy bothering people, but I need a roof over my head and food on the table so I do what I have to do like anyone else would do. I cannot push the point across enough that I am a kind, intelligent, genuine person just trying to make a living.

    • Janelle says:

      Thanks for posting about these folks. I could not find out anything via Google on them. If Google doesn’t come up with a search immediately, it is usually something fishy. These folks called me the other evening around 8:30pm. I told them I had already donated, and she preceded to tell me call centers call from all over the area (this charity went by Breast Cancer Survivirs Relief Association & is the same as the Foundation; and they always call me from a 757 area code, which is around Norfolk VA). I told her I had already donated to one of the many callers & that I had already filled my quota on donating. Then I receive a pledge mailing from these same people a week later! And they decided that I am contributing $20. I just shredded the billing statement. It didn’t even have a website or anything for paying online. But the back of the stub said they work in conjunction with the Foundation.after reading these posts, I am not donating again to this Butler, Wisconsin business.

  13. Sophie says:

    I checked the Wisconsin government’s Department of Safety and Professional Services website and found that this organization “Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation”, started in 2010 and took in $531,041.00 and spent $478,918.00 for fundraising and $193.00 for management. Net worth at end of fiscal year was $51,930.00. I wonder what they actually did with the half million they took in?

  14. Sophie says:

    The Wisconsin and New Jersey charities are one and the same according to the NJ gov website. No funds were spent on program expenses.

    • Richard A Stahl says:

      Thank GOD for good people like yourselves who take the time and effort to share news of these “scams” through telemarketing phone calls on or in behalf of organizations that actually spend less on its programs but financially support these telemarketing firms. Any organization/association cannot come up with volunteers to assist in “legal” fundraising programs but hires telemarketers instead should not exist! Especially if they are paying elected officers generous salaries and/or expenses or allegedly mis-spending funds. It should be imperative for ALL County District Attorneys to carefully monitor these “scams”, post it on public websites and investigate thoroughly! The same goes for the elected public officials to monitor accountability when granting funds to any organization/association. The public be damned but not FOOLED. THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO TAKE THE TIME TO EXPOSE THESE SCAMMERS!

  15. Tricia says:

    [To increase exposure a duplicate posting appears on blog page for “nothing like a rude breast cancer charity phone solicitor”]

    Calls from Outreach Calling (New Jersey and Nevada) are for the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation.

    Mail for the Breast Cancer Survivors Association may originate from Community Support Inc (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

    After our tax dollars went the whole nine yards in a multiple state endeavor known as Operation False Charity, the professional fundraiser Community Support Inc (CSI) took a blow to their coffers and subsequently spun off into Outreach Calling and other telemarketing outfits.

    If you have been called for one cancer charity, it’s very likely you have been, or will be, called for a dozen more.

    Outreach Calling is registered in many states to make solicitations for:

    Association for Breast Cancer Research

    United Breast Cancer Research Society

    Women to Woman Breast Cancer Foundation

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe


    Names are deceptively morphed to match closely to legitimate non-profits.
    You may be outraged but not too surprised when Outreach Calling calls you for:

    Diabetes, Leukemia, Kids Wish, Firefighters, Police, Sheriffs, Troopers and Veterans

    Donors names and numbers are kept in-house
    Not bought, borrowed, or sold
    Just OWNED!

    If you feel ABUSED when you are called please shout it out and let your government know.

    • Joyce H. Hitt says:

      They have been calling me every year. This past year we had a daughter who was struck with breast cancer. And I was just getting ready to send money to this “group”.
      Fortunately, I decided to check them out. Why can’t our government put a stop to these
      thieves when they know they are operating? It’s such a shame that in our country, we
      cannot donate to charitable organizations in need because of abuse like this. Thank God for those of you who are trying to put a stop to it.

  16. cbrodgers says:

    Just got a call from this organization. When I informed her that she had contacted a business number and should remove this number from her call list, she promptly told me “don’t tell ME what to do!!” Oh well, she hung up, but I would not give a dime to this criminal bunch.

  17. Kathleen says:

    In November of 2010 I gave $20 to the Breast Cancer Support Foundation and I got on Outreach Calling’s list. They call me almost every week now, even though I always say “take me off your list.” As Tricia said, Outreach Calling represents a multitude of charitable organizations and every week it is a different charity that they want me to give $100 to! They are not getting one dime from me.

    I have tried several times to find info on this company without much success. Their website is cheap and looks like they don’t want you to learn anything about them. Until I found this blog, web searches I tried came up with nothing.

    Thank you all for posting. I’m still angry but I don’t feel alone anymore.

    • Former OutReach Calling Employee says:

      Hi there. I am a former solicitor employed in one of these slummy call-centers owned/operated by “Outreach Calling”

      Although i did not last long, (worked there for only my first day, felt a very scandelous vibe amongst the place, and just never went back) i do have a little information to share if u are still interested.

      Although it is not much, i’d be happy to talk to u further

      • carla says:

        Please feel free to share in a comment.

      • Robin says:

        These sleazy phone centers won’t put you on their Do Not Call List no matter how many times you tell them to. The solution is to sign up for , a free service that intercepts almost all of the unsolicited calls you get, including political calls, sales calls, fundraising calls. And nomorobo doesn’t send you anything either.

      • richard says:

        does outreach calling use avatar calls that sound real?

  18. Bob says:

    Bob again, from last Nov: Got a phone call tonight following up on why I didn’t send in my pledge. I told the caller I checked their web site(s) and found no board of directors, no evidence of real programming and how a survivor would access such programs. Further, here in New York, they list only a post office box, a telltale sign that something is not on the up-and-up. Bottom line, and I quote my closing comment to him, “Look this is a scam, you know it and I know it, so take me off your list and don’t contact me again.”

    I commend the founders of Ihavebreastcancerblog for helping to identify this scam.

  19. John Millard says:

    I have received 12 calls soliciting for this group in past week alone. Have called them and their answering service to remove from list and still get called from blank message that only gives spill when called back. I won’t give to anyone now but local orgs I know.

  20. pamela says:

    I just got a call from this organization, and when I googled it I got this website first, and your blog 2nd! Great SEO lady 😉 I agree, this charity is not really a charity because all they do is fundraise to pay for more fundraising, not help women who have breast cancer, fund early detection, and treatment. On the first website it also says, “According to the financial information shown at left, this organization devoted 0% of its total expenses to program services during the year reported.”

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  22. katherinembc says:

    Reblogged this on ihatebreastcancer and commented:
    A similar outfit (“Breast Cancer Society”) phoned me. I pretended I thought they were calling to offer ME financial assistance. “Why this wonderful!” I told the caller. “I have so many treatment related bills. God bless you!”
    The solictor gave me the website URL. I sent an inquiry and have never heard from them again… Kudos to this blogger for doing some research!

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  24. Tricia says:

    Looking forward to the broadcast of your “Kane in Your Korner” interview.
    Here is some more pertinent info:

    Outreach Calling, although based in Reno, NV, performs professional solicitation at the following
    Call Centers in New Jersey:

    120 Elm St. in Westfield NJ 07090 (908) 928-1888
    299 Glenwood Ave. Bloomfield NJ 07003 (973) 259-0050
    70 Clinton Road # 4, Fairfield, NJ 07004 (973) 808-7400
    131 North Broadway, South Amboy, NJ 08879 (732) 727-0080

    Outreach Calling makes a profit making calls for the non-profit BCSF which is based in New Jersey:

    Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Inc.
    443 E. Westfield Ave., Suite 1
    Roselle Park, NJ 07204

    Note that their website has a glaring typo; the address is misspelled as “Estfield Ave.”

  25. John L says:

    I received a call requesting a $15 donation but I told the young lady to send me info on their charity and after I checked it out and found it to be legit I’d send the $15. I then got routed to a a man who wanted to verify my information (even though they already had it). I found him to be the high pressure salesman type and advised him to send the literature before I’d donate. I received the literature today and went to the internet and lo and behold came upon this website which confirmed what I expected. They won’t get a penny from me.

    • Larry Gallemore says:

      I received a call from these people and agreed to a 15 dollar donation, we are on SS, and got an invoice today. The address is a PO Box in Lansing MI.Their phone is 844 308 0070. I am not sending anything now as I have read the responses on this site. Thanks for the info, and be safe..LWG

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  27. ANDREA says:

    Just had an obnoxious caller asking me for a donation to this organization. I give to Komen, ACS and and other cancer -related charities, but something told me to hang up on this person. She was insistent, fast talking, too familiar with me — called me “honey” and “sweetie”, etc, and suggesting amounts to donate. I could not get a word in edge-wise. I do not think they are legitimate.

  28. kathy d. says:

    I heard from this group today, exactly the same spiel by a woman, then by a high-pressure “snake-oil salesman.” John L. describe what I went through today with them. Looked up this alleged group and found the Washington State financial statement that they give 0 to program and also this informative website. Glad that you are posting all of this.
    But what is maddening is that this so-called organization is making money with the scam that they’re raising funds for breast cancer survivors. This is the lowest of the low. They’re bottom feeders, although fish have more integrity and at least a purpose in life.
    As someone who has seen people close to me battle breast cancer and lost a terrific friend to this disease, this is absolutely disgusting.
    I hope the government cracks down on them. Meanwhile, thanks for getting the word out.

  29. Rachel T. says:

    I got the same call a week ago. I received the info in the mail a few days later. I also checked their website which tells you nothing. I checked the Better Business Bureau’s website as well. The site says that this charity refused to give their info to the BBB, so that raises a red flag.

  30. I received the donation solicitation by phone for an identically named charity based out of WI.

    No thank you. As I was about to write the check for my pledge, I was just nagged by something, so I figured I’d look them up.

    Thanks for your investigation! I’ll be saving my $15 for Susan G Komen, when I run a 5k in October. My mom is currently battling breast cancer, and I want my money to go to help women like her… not help this organization solicit more funds.

  31. Grace says:

    I can not believe want I am reading. For about two months now I have the same lady with a raspy voice calling me EVERYDAY. I first sent out a check for over $100 from our company that for some reason never got there and nor was never returned or cashed. She insisted that I send out another check asap. I proceeded to tell her that these things take time and I will have to double check with the accountant Mr. —— and verify the procedures since something like this never happens. We will have to contact and review the statement to assure the check was not cash prior to issuing a new check. She called for about 20 days straight and I responsed that I have been busy and not able to call the accountant, just email. She then asked my for his number because she has time to call him, I INSIST on a firm NO and that she will just have to wait. WELL, yesterday I recieved a phone call from her that she called my accountant!!! YES, she called him!!. When I asked her how the hell she got his number she responded she looked him up. The first check I sent her was just to get them off our backs and thinking breast cancer is a good cause considering I have family history. If you were a honest charible foundation, would you be calling a company everyday that they have not received your donation yet? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE IT WAS A COLLECTION CALL. HORRIBLE!! Here is the information I have according to the Two invoices faxed to me:
    Breast Cancer Survivor Foundation
    PO bOX 1285
    Melville, NY 11747
    Campaign Information 631/226-3431
    Fax Number 631/226-3800
    Letter signed by Doctor Poplyanski ( Dr. Poplyanski or MD or DO, BUT DOCTOR)

    AND- Checks to be made out to BCSF ( which I did not do I spelled the whole title out – I guess that is why they couldn’t cash it. She did ask to make sure it was made out to only BCSF. Any wise person knows to write the whole title out.

  32. Lisa Batts says:

    Ditto to the above! Tried to look them up as soon as the call came in and the ‘paid caller’ had not real information on percentage of donations used for what,…called the 800# she gave me and still got no answers, just a promise that a supervisor will call me back. I will hold my breath now.

  33. Michele says:

    I just received a call and also tried to look them up on the internet while speaking to a very fast-talking, very young-sounding young lady who claimed to be a breast cancer survivor! I do know there can be young breast cancer survivors but, as I asked questions about the organization, she kept asking if I was a resident of New York…why I don’t know but, I could not get any straight answers from her and finally, she gave me an 888 #, that I did not call! Upon doing more research about this so-called organization, I came across this site. THANK YOU!

  34. Nicole Doran says:

    Thanks for this posting! I receive calls from this organization every week! I agreed to pledge the minimum- just so they would stop calling and today when something told me to look them up – I didn’t’ see anything I felt comfortable with. Then I came upon your site on a Google search. Where does the money go? I did the Avon 2-day walk a few years ago – and felt that I knew where my donations were going. I won’t be sending in my money to BCS Foundation or whatever they are calling themselves. Good job on keeping the public informed. It’s a shame if they are scammers using this awful disease as a platform for deceit.

  35. Bill Danby says:

    Same here – got the pledge call, was about to write the check, checked first.
    Thank you!

  36. gigi peters says:

    I have been receiving calls from this this Outreach Calling group for the Breast Cancer Survivor Foundation for a few weeks. I am on the Do Not Call list, but they still call every few days. From day one I have told them to take my off their calling list and every time they tell me it is done, but in a few days I get another call from from them. What is a person to do to get rid of these people?

  37. Pety piper says:

    Only calls trying to sell you something are included on the “do not call” list. Everyone that thinks that is making them stop calling you are wasting your breath lol. Say your gonna sue, they stopped calling me

    • Ok well hmmm the problem is NO one is respecting do not call lists any longer. And as a point of fact, if you ask anyone (non profit included) to put you on a do not call list, they are supposed to or you can file a complaint.

  38. Marsha says:

    Thank you for your diligence! I returned the “pledge card” sent by the BCSF telemarketer with a note saying I was not going to support their shabby operation! Maybe I wasted a stamp but someone there has to open and read it- maybe it will hurt just a little. Just got another call from another no- name ‘charity’ for breast cancer survivor support. How sad for everyone involved- the shysters who run it, the donors who get duped, the rest of us attacked by the telemarketers- and most of all, the survivors who are being robbed of funding that good people would like to share.

  39. Pat says:

    I received a call today in Texas requesting a similar donation……I agreeded to a small donation and am awaiting a donation/information pack in the mail. I can not find any info on them online…..the number on my ID is this……V83018310300047-UNKNOWN NUMBER…….now what kind of phone number is that? I had breast cancer 3 years ago and have no problem donating to help lower income women fund their mammos, etc; But would like verification as to what or who this actually is??? Anyone received this number call?

    • Former OutReach Calling Employee says:

      Hi there,

      The “V830..” is actually referring to the caller’s “ID #” issued to them by thier employer, outreach calling.

      The rest of the digits “although i am not for sure” i believe is an identifier for the specific “line” they are calling from.

      They use something similar to an internet proxy or vpn, to mask thier actual location. Have u ever used google VOIP or a Wi-Fi calling/text app? U can change your “phone number” to any area code, in any city/state, as many times as u want! This is a tool that is popular with outright call scammers from other countries. It enables them to ditch the # after every sucessful call, and get a fresh one to begin calling from.

      Hope that helps a little.

  40. Lynn says:

    Soliciting contributions to fund their solicitation organization. Ugh. Fast non-stop talking, no information provided except what they wouldn’t do (ask for credit card info over the phone). Thanks for providing confirmation to my gut reaction to their call this morning.

  41. granny says:

    They operate a call centre in Hamilton Ontario Canada now.
    All calls are to the US, under several names including Outreach Calling.

    It’s a scam.

  42. Doug says:

    Going over my elderly mother’s AmEx bills I discovered she had authorized a $300 payment to these bastards. Another bogus organization, “AFPO” also scammed a donation.

  43. Linda Leifer says:

    I just received a call from this “organization.” It came up on my caller ID as Private Name Unknown Number. The solicitor thanked me for my past gift. As a breast cancer survivor, I know what breast cancer charities I give to and when I told her I hadn’t made a past gift, she hung up.

  44. gail cruz says:

    I received the phone call requesting a donation for Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation. I said I would send them a check. When the invoice arrived, information and brochures were for diabetes. That put me on guard that they were just looking for money not a legitimate organization raising money for breast cancer.

  45. Matt G. says:

    I just got the call and committed $50 after looking up the website while on the phone with the rep. Then, I found this website and did some more digging. I ended up going back to their website and calling their office – THE WOMAN THAT ANSWERED THE PHONE WAS PART OF AN ANSWERING SERVICE and couldn’t transfer me to anyone. No money for them!

  46. Calvin says:

    I received a call yesterday, which was somewhat similar to this, except it was for some police dying in line of duty fundraiser. I somewhat promised to send them $15 when the thing came in, but I’m not entirely sure if this is real or fake. Plus, I kind of gave out my location, and I’m kinda freaking out if they show up at my apartment. Also, what happens when you don’t send in the money, do they call or something or do they show up in your area?

    • Amanda Beck says:

      I got a call from them today, reminding me that I had not sent in my pledge and asking for payment with a credit or debit card. When I balked, the lady said she wasn’t asking for a donation but asking for what I had already promised. I said that I didn’t like this phone call, and the answer is “no.” Then, I hung up.

  47. Gail Blaine says:

    I live in Seattle. I am a breast cancer survivor so when my husband got a call from Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation he agreed to make a donation if they sent him a form. It was to help poor women get mammograms. When it arrived we were immediately suspicious. It was: 1. hand addressed with a hand written return address for a PO Box in Everett, WA, 2. had a pink ribbon stamped on the back on the back of the envelope and 3. the letter inside was a rather poor black and white copy which had been decorated with more stamped designs. Highlighted in bright pink were the words “Please send your gift TODAY!” and 4. contained a poorly printed brochure about breast cancer and self breast exam.
    They are not going to receive a cent from me. I’m going to send out a “do not donate to this group” email to my colleagues at work and add it to my Facebook page.

    Thank you for your blog. I confirms my gut reaction to these unscrupulous con artists.

    • Julie Nicholson says:

      I had the same experience as Gail in Seattle. After receiving a phone call from Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Inc., I also became suspicious. I thought that asking to
      charge my donation on a credit card was strange as well as trying to dictate the amount I
      would donate. I told her send me the info. The donation form also was as described by Gail from Seattle- pink highlights, handwritten and extra wording trying to make it look
      ligitimate. It made me look them up on the web and that’s where I found your website. THANK YOU! I will ask the Attorney General’s Office to look into the organization.
      Thanks again,


    • Henry Fan says:

      Exact same experience, how should we report to the government or any authority that can stop them? We should do that.

      • Nicole Doran says:

        I got another call from this organization last night. They said I agreed to give a donation back in April (which was not true) and that I never sent in my check. He also insisted (in almost an accusing tone) that they’d sent me 3 envelopes subsequently, with no response.. Then, he asked if I would prefer to give him my credit card number instead..NO WAY! I asked for their website address (which I already knew from this site anyway) and he would only give me the 800 number. I don’t trust this organization. With so many other legit and upfront ones out there for cancer donations – I’ll send my money elsewhere.

  48. Henry Fan says:

    Wow, same here. I got a call asking for donation. I agree to donate $100 but I can’t pay on the phone. The reason is simple, I just want to make sure I donate the money to the right people. When I received a letter from them, I was surprised that there was no physical address, instead there was a personal name and P.O. Box, Also the letter doesn’t tell me whom I should write the check payable to, it definitely encourage me to pay credit card. After dig it a little bit deeper, I feel like nothing I can trust. So watch out!!!!

  49. Grr Time says:

    Please check: After reading this, you won’t want to give to this organization.

  50. Leamon Freeman says:

    I received a call today Nov. 20 and hung up. I do not make donations to any telephone solicitian as they are always from people who keep up to 90% of any money they collect.

  51. indiemeg says:

    I feel like such a schmuck. I was in a “giving” mood this past summer so I pledged. But I’d just had my first child and working full time I was too busy to remember to pay it. They kept calling and calling and calling and calling. To the point where they would call past 8pm and once woke my son up. I asked that they not call and only reach me by mail. They were so insistent on me paying right then and there….even after I told them that the call just woke my 5 month old up! Since then, I actually mailed a check (only because I was sooooooooooooo hoping it would make them stop calling). But it failed. And today I actually spoke with someone who was aggressive enough to make me look them up on line and that’s how I landed on this blog. They need taken down! She tried to make me feel bad about “how this could be the last Christmas some people could have with their families…”. I have cancer survivors in my family!!!! I know what its like to loose people you love to cancer! It is just so immoral what they are doing.

  52. Debbie says:

    Thank you all so much for your comments. I have been receiving calls claiming I pledged in Sept and have not yet sent in a check. After looking them up and not being able to find compliance with BBB and no appropriation of their funds I will not be contributing. If an organization is not transparent about their funds then they must be hiding something.

  53. Irene Benbenek says:

    We also have been scammed. My husband(cancer in remission) sent a check for $15 in July, 2012. Since then we have probably received over 20 calls even though they have been told “not to call” again and again. They used 716 379 6148 Olean, NY. Something should be done about these scammers. Wish I had checked them out before this. To use cancer as a cover is morally reprehensible.

    • Doug says:

      To comply with the Do Not Call Registry law, we have to use these words exactly: “Put me on your Do Not Call List,” otherwise they can ignore any other phraseology you use.

    • Take Take Take says:

      Irene, it appears you need to speak with a verifier to actually be put on a do not call list. That is the only time the “calls” are on a recorded line.

    • Johannes says:

      I gave them $10 dollars in June, 2012. I am on the national and state do-not-call lists and they called me, unsolicited. I got caught up in the moment because I donate to Planned Parenthood and I had cancer. From the information they sent me and that I gleaned off their website, their mission is to educate people (women) about breast cancer. Planned Parenthood does all that, and more. Two months after I sent my check, I got a call asking for more money. Since then, I have been called repeatedly: the most recent one was last night around 8 p.m. So far, it’s been pleasant-sounding women. I have asked or told them on most of these calls to take me off their list or to not call me and was told that they would do that one of the times. On the 5th or 6th call when I asked to be taken off the list, the caller remarked that I had donated previously and I said, “Yes, and I’m not doing it again!” As soon the caller says it’s for this outfit, I ask/tell her to put me on the do-not-call list or not to call and hang up. One time I said, “Not going to happen” to her request for money and hung up. Last month they mailed a request for money. The letter stated that they knew that people hated to be called and that if I sent them money, they wouldn’t call me during their pledge drive. I had ripped up the form, but I decided to tape it together and attach a note saying that I was not going to donate to them ever again and, I didn’t appreciate their tactics of trying to get money. I had hoped that I could file a complaint through my state (PA) Attorney General’s office for violating the do-not-call list but tax-exempt charitable or fraternal organizations are excluded. I had saved their brochure and it identified them as a 501(c)3 org, so I thought I was out of luck. Visiting their website today (, there is no mention of that status. I am fed up with this outfit.

  54. Betsy Vandenberg says:

    Wow, I have a sister survivor so when they called I pledged a small amount. I have received 3 requests for payment by mail. I hope they call me about not paying so I can rake them over the coals. I was going to pay online but found this site. Thanks everyone for your information. I will put the word out to everyone I know. Since I live in Washington state I wwill explore ways to put them out of business!!!!!!!

  55. Stephanie says:

    I just got a call from this organization too, and thankfully trusted my gut instinct. I only give to charities who comply with the BBB and have a rating. The guy couldn’t even tell me anything about the organization but how sad breast cancer is….

  56. Cathy says:

    I work for a statewide breast cancer organization that provides support, education,financial assistance and programs for those dealing with breast cancer. We are transparent, our financials are available on our website, and we do not do telephone solicitations. I commend you all for following your instincts…please do not fall for these scams. There are plenty of legitimate breast cancer organizations. This is a large fundraising organization that solicits money under several organizational names. The money all goes to the same place, but none of it goes to research or patient services. There may be a breast cancer organization near you that directly serves women and men with breast cancer right in you own community. I urge you to check it and to remain cautious about telephone solicitations.

  57. Annon who works here says:

    I work here. It’s a scam trust me lol I feel shitty but I need money so I can feed my daughter. The big bosses name is mark not sure last name…. The thing is these non profit originations ARE LEGIT! BUT!! We are a professional fundraising who takes alot of money from it. It’s very messed up,

    • Erica says:

      Some of the charities your company calls for might be legit – but everything I see (especially the website) points to the fact that this whole Breast Cancer Survivor Foundation is fake/a scam. And yes, your company probably makes way too much money off of it. But I did calls once too (it was my job in college – I called alumni and parents for money) so I understand what you’re saying.

      That website is just AWFUL though. These are what real charity websites look like – not that mess of stock images and jargon that doesn’t mean anything: <–Not breast cancer-related but a charity I trust and would give my money to any time

  58. Breast Cancer Survivor says:

    I received a call from this “Foundation” last week and agreed to pledge if they sent me some information on their organization, as well as how the donations are utilized. When I received the pledge letter and so called paperwork I too became suspicious – which led me here. The address they want the check to “BCSF” sent to is a PO Box in Lindenhurst, NY (both of which didn’t sit well). The attached letter is also signed by Dr Poplyansky with a toll free number of 855-752-0020. It seems they are in all parts of the country and as some already said – it needs to be stopped! Only donate to established, well respected organizations – there are plenty of them that need help and can be found with little effort. The American Cancer Society can also give you insight as to organizations worthy of donations.

  59. Erica says:

    I got a call from them last night. Caller ID didn’t give me a name but it said “Carlisle, PA” which is local-ish (about an hour from me) so I answered. I wasn’t going to give (I work for a breast cancer charity myself, so if I’m going to give to anyone, it’s my own place of employment) but I thought I’d be nice and listen to the woman’s spiel.

    What I didn’t know was that when I picked up, a family member picked up another phone on a different floor of the house. So the woman started to talk to me, saying where she was calling from and that “x number of women will die from breast cancer because they don’t have access to medical treatment” – this was the time my family member decided to hang up their phone. The woman thought that I hung up, so with an attitude she said “and some will die because you hung up the phone”. By the time I got the words “I didn’t hang up the phone” out of my mouth, she was gone.

    I decided to look them up to let them know that their callers really shouldn’t be so rude – but I see now they wouldn’t care. These scammers really make it hard for the rest of us who are working to support women with breast cancer and their families. It’s a shame – stealing money from innocent people, and taking money from the programs and services that really are able to help people in tough situations.

  60. Take Take Take says:

    More info on this “nonprofit” which provides great profits for the “soliciting” firms:

    Calling Professionals, formerly known as the Fundrazor
    Calling Professionals, also known as Outreach Calling
    Calling Professionals, fka Community Support, Inc., fka All-Pro Telemarketing

    Community Support, Inc.
    Thomas Berkenbush
    312 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 408
    Milwaukee WI 53202
    (414) 224-0224

    Outreach Calling
    Damian Muziani
    200 S. Virginia Street
    Reno NV 89501
    (775) 332-9992

    Calling Professionals (fka Fundrazor)
    Mark Finkelstein
    1201 N. Orange Street, Suite 770
    Wilmington DE 19801
    (302) 380-3436

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  62. Andrea Ehmann says:

    I received a call and pledged a small amount. Several days later I received the envelope. I became suspicious, did a google search and discovered this website. The letter is from Dr. Poplyansky, Executive Director. There is a phone number listed (877-623-0167) and the address to send the check is 20533 Biscayne Blvd. PMB 685, Aventura, FL 33180. Based on what I have learned, I will not send them any money.

    • the writer says:

      It seems like the good doctor just changed locations. I have found that information on him when I was checking this all out initially. Thanks for writing in

  63. Former and possible future telemarketer says:

    I understand the aggravation that charities who engage in fundraising via telemarketing cause, but please bear in mind that it is not the fault of the individual telemarketer. If a telemarketing company employs 20 full time telemarketers and pays them $10/hr this amounts to an expense of $416,000/year, just to pay their employees. If you assume that one of these fundraising offices calls on behalf of 3 “charities” like this per year and raises $500,000 per charity, after paying their employees and other expenses which include phone bills, leases and business fees, they are usually left with less than 1/3 of the money raised and while they call on behalf of charities, they are not charities themselves and expect to make some money for organizing these campaigns.

    That being said, I would never recommend that anyone support one of these “charities.” But again it is not the fault of the individual telemarketer who is simply seeking employment in a difficult economy and may feel they have to take a job working for a disreputable organization just to hold a job.

    I found this blog because I am researching the call center involved as a potential employer and while it isn’t my ideal job and I do feel guilty considering working for a telemarketing company I wouldn’t say no if they offered me a job because my unemployment has run out and I need some sort of income. So If I wind up calling one of you please understand that I, as the person making the call am neither the telemarketing company nor the questionable charity, but just some guy trying to make enough money to put myself back in school so I can get a better job.

    • the writer says:

      With all due respect, bullshit. We all make choices in this life, we are all old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. What you have written is like justifying why you would also be a drug dealer or prostitute. Sorry it just doesn’t wash

      • Former and possible future telemarketer says:

        I’m sorry if this has come across as confrontational. This is not the place to have a debate on the ethics of telemarketing and I apologize for hijacking the discussion in that direction.

      • Dee says:

        Okay say that when you have hungry children to feed and you’re not on state aid. I would do anything for my family even if it’s ripping old people off. I feel guilty and I have a heart but my family will always come first before a stranger.

      • the writer says:

        See that is the thing Dee- I am sick of you and that other person ( who might be you I have to run the IP and email) who leave the pity party of one comments. I don’t give a crap- we all have choices to make and for you to work for a company that takes advantage of people over something as horrible as cancer is the lowest of the low. It is a whorish job to have and there is more dignity in flipping burgers and picking your nose.

  64. justice for all says:

    The ironic part of it all is that the charities themselves have hired the telemarketing firms to collect donations for them.. so its all a scam. All charities give a very small percentage to the cause.

    • sthu says:

      The point is someone needs to pay rent, phone bills and employees. I haven’t read one comment on anyone willing to volunteer to raise money for charities. Just bitch about telemarketers. Seriously? 1%, 10% is better than 0%. The charities understand that why doesn’t anyone else. In a perfect world people would work for free, getting cursed at and treated like crap on the phone and keep smiling. Pay the rent and phone bill and electric out if thier own pocket. Is anyone willingyo do that? I dont think so. It’s easy to complain and so called investigate. Instead, why don’t you try helping , for free. Sound good?

      • the writer says:

        Screw you. These aren’t legitimate breast cancer charities because legitimate charities don’t do guerilla telemarketing. We have choices to make in this world and it isn’t my job to support telemarketers and it is my right to speak my mind on the topic.

      • sthu says:

        To the writer. Screw me? Nice. Pick up your phone and start raising money. Let me know how you do. Have a great day.

      • the writer says:

        Yes screw you. Here is the 411: I have done plenty of fundraising in my day and never with a charity that uses cheesy telemarketers. Legitimate breast cancer and cancer charities and basically any legitimate charity will NOT use telemarketers because they shave so much money off of every donated dollar. I also have quite a few friends who work for non profits so I know what I am talking about. We are done here. It is a privilege not a right for your comments to her posted and any further comment from you will land in the spam folder.

  65. CWA says:

    They are calling in California today. One way to check charities is to use the BBB websites and check if they meet the 80% requirement to be a legit charity. Personally, I NEVER giv to ANY charity that calls me. Our family gives ONLY to three local charities that we know are good and we keep our $$ in our area. IF you assume that charities that hire a 3rd party for fundraising are just not worthy of your time or $$, you will save yourself a lot of grief. Remember, all you have to say is “WE DO NOT GIVE TO CHARITIES THAT CALL US OR HIRE 3RD PARTIES.” And then hang up. Simple and no argument needed. Just don’t become a wuss.

  66. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the information. My check was supposed to go to Bishop, California before I did a search, so watch out for that location as well.

  67. Thanks for the information. Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation also is operating out of Bishop, California, so watch out for that one, Californians.

  68. Melilla smith says:

    Outreach in Westfield Nj are just a bunch of scam artists, they do not represent the organizations they say they repressent and the bastards should be closed down. They hire a bunch of fools and pay them peanuts and make them flip through “causes”. They money goes into the pocket of the person who thought up this elaborate white collar crime.

  69. Melilla smith says:

    I worked for these SCAM artists and i will tell you how they operate .They sit over 30 people at a call line and they have 3 large books they keep flipping through. They hire anyone that can talk and they promise you $12 an hour but they give you $7.50! They promise you incentives and they give you NO commission. They push you to make sales and when you cannot they bump you off. They are just trying to get money out of anyone, even people in nursing homes and unemployed and poor people. They go from Breast cancer to firemen association to Viet vet in 20 minutes. All a complete and total shameful scam.

  70. Johannes says:

    I would encourage people to file a complaint with both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Charities are exempt but, there is an exception if it is a third party calling on behalf of a charity. Maybe one or both of these agencies will shut them down if they get enough complaints.

  71. Cindy says:

    received a call today Aug 7, 2013 from Ashley Prada her phone number came up as 401-427-2535 after talking to her I had a bad feeling and call the cancer society and they did not have this number as working with them. I did more working looking to see who these people where. They are a telemarketing group out of Reno, NV main number she gave me after many times asking for it was 1-800-930-1220. When Ashley called it came up Providence,. RI The state which I live in. Please do not give to person for none of the monies go to cancer. I was so sick for my mother died of cancer just 4 years ago. how dare they prey on people the way they do. Shame on you. Karma is all I have to say to you.

  72. Gary says:

    They just called me this morning, a lady with a nice, business-like voice, and when I told her twice that I would have to look up their benefit-to-cost ratio and to call me back, she promptly thanked me and hung up
    In Idaho

  73. Dee says:

    I worked for outreach calling the organization gave ten percent MINIMUM. is that wrong yes but money is what makes the world go round and unfortunately if that means collecting money for sick people or abused missing children so be it at least outreach calling gave to the charities. More than most if you can say. And we clearly tell everyone we call that we work for out reach calling!!! And we are paid by the charities to call ppl.

  74. naomi niemi says:

    As I sat down to write a check to Breast Cancer Survivors I felt compelled to look them up and saw what I felt in my heart, scam, or very few dollars going to the Breast Cancer society. No check will be mailed. What a rotten shame to make money on the survivors living with a fear that the cancer can return with every breath they take.

  75. KonaGirl says:

    Just got a call from them in Hawai’i today – she didn’t even have my name right, so figured it was some kind of Christmas-time scam – hung up; went on line to look them up & came across you folks. Thanx for getting the info out there about these “charities”; btw the website showed them located in Florida, not NJ ???

  76. Dawne Trent says:

    I just got a call today, told person I do not give to charities who call me, and give locally. The woman’s signal kept cutting out and she explained she was new. She asked for $35, or 30 or 20 or even $15 pledge, and kinda bungled along. I stayed on the line because I wanted to get more info on their legitimacy. While suggesting I might give minimum if the org. checked out online, she passed me along to a woman whose voice could have made her an excellent mortuary greeter. She asked in a deeply condoling way if they could count on my generous $15 contribution. I said I had to check them out first, and asked what percentage of the proceeds actually helped breast cancer survivors. She said they were mainly a prevention and awareness charity and she worked for a fundraising company hired by BCSF, and did not have the information on how proceeds are spent. I said that all other organization have that info and I think it is required by law. I hit this site after looking at their minimalist website dated 2002 with no info and no real links. Soooo glad this blog showed up high in the list of search results. The very best to you in survival and thanks for doing a great service in this greed-driven world. Who do you recommend as best charity for overall breast cancer research? ( Komen seems to spend a lot on mailings, calling it “awareness”, but it’s redundant.)

    Thanks, Dawne, Northern CA.

  77. mss says:

    I got a call just a few minutes ago – the caller giving me her (supposed) name and saying she was from “The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Foundation” and asking me how I was doing (or how I was feeling–something similar). I was rather taken aback, because my medical plan has program with a similar name, but I was doubtful they would not be calling me on Saturday! I asked her if she was from my doctors’ office. She said, oh, “do you have a doctor?”. I told her that I didn’t know where she got my number, but I was not interested in their program. Her manner was nice, but I really, really don’t like calls like this. I think I must be on someone’s list. (Yesterday I got a call from a supposed “Women’s Health Care” and the person had a foreign accent and there were lots of voices in the background. When I interrupted his “script” a couple times to ask questions, he said “just shut your mouth up for a minute”! )

  78. maggie says:

    Unless they have moved their location their call center is in SJ. They switch the phone number called from periodically. When the phone company releases New numbers they buy one. The state of WA requires Outreach Calling to file annual financial reports each year. In 2011 they reported revenue of $15million with $1.5 million going to the charities they represented. The corporate address in Nevada is for group that handles legal issues such as Incorporated designation, LLC, etc.

  79. Jean says:

    I received the bill for the “donation” from a call I received last week. Thank you for your post at this site, There will be no money sent from here! If they call again, I will unload on them.

  80. Brian says:

    I just got a call from them and asked how much money goes to the people with breast cancer. The telemarketer put me on the line with his “supervisor” who said that he didn’t know. He offered me the website and the 800 number. The website is here: I am going through all the links in their site to let the linked people know that they are being used to legitimize a scam website. Thanks for your blog!

  81. Pam says:

    Why do people do this I have breast cancer and it is so hard for us who have breast cancer to get the help that we need fake charity who take takes takes for them self while we suffer. it is really hard especially when you can’t work while taking treatment. I hope they catch the person who doing this. there are some honest charities out her we just have to be careful. I have been looking for help here in Atlanta Georgia and it’s hard so when you are not working People need to stop I truly hope that they get the people taking honest hard working peoples money.

  82. Ponze says:

    Hello. Recently received solicitation via both phone call, then followed up by written materials for donation. My daughter looked up online and found little information other than this blog. Thank you for noting this questionable foundation. I had agreed to make a small donation but no longer will be doing so. Like many posters I am a breast cancer survivor and am happy to donate to reputable organizations that help with research and help survivors/survivor care givers cope with the aftermath of this illness.

  83. Lisa says:

    Received calls stating that they sent me mailings 2 times after I made a pledge n wouldn’t give my cc number. I have an address of FUND RAISING SERVICES
    8154 Hwy 59 suite 211
    Foley, Alabama 36535

    Must have a new address–heads up folks

  84. jody says:

    I’m happy to see you researched them. I worked with outreach calling, it was disgusting. Once I realized, I really wasn’t doing good, I ran for the hills. they call for multiple organizations, and all of them are a joke. 1% of the total gross income goes to actually helping people. It’s very sad. Outreach Calling is also known as calling professionals and some other names. They get sued, change the name and so on.

  85. J says:

    Wow! Hard to believe this has gone on for years!

  86. J says:

    Also its listed in Aventura Florida.

  87. Agnes says:

    I too received a call – from a bot, I’m pretty sure – and agreed to a small donation just to get off the phone, knowing I could look them up later. Thanks to all for the information – I’ve got better things to do with my charitable contributions!

  88. Mark says:

    Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Inc. Scammers of the lowest order. Call constantly trying to say we pledged money to them – which we did not. When we blocked their number – they send letters saying we pledged “per phone conversation with….” which no one did cause we hang up on their calls. They target people who attend cancer survivor groups and events – they somehow get people’s addresses and numbers from the sign-up sheets. They are scum – targeting cancer survivors. Do not deal with these people – give them no money – hang up when they call.

  89. Pamela says:

    I received a call from this organization last weekend. I typically don’t answer numbers I do not recognize. For some reason, I answered this call. I foolishly pledged $30 and now I’m wishing I had just hung up on them. I just sent a letter back with the payment slip they mailed me, stating that I researched their company and will not be supporting them. I also asked that they not call me to follow up, and that any calls would be ignored. I am praying they do not start harassing me.

  90. David Mason says:

    I got a call from them a few days ago (5/15). I’ve a sister in law recovering from a breast removal so I engaged with the call. I was really, really impressed with the solicitation; it could have been a live voice it was that good. Their initial target was for around $100. I said that would be a conversation with my wife. The keyword ‘wife’ seamlessly pulled in the response ‘of course we understand…’ They then suggested $15; would that be something I could commit to’. Sure.

    I watched for their envelope and when it came it was top quality, nice tri-fold, etc. I would have sent money, more than the $15 they asked me to pledge. But the slickness of the solicitation still resonated, it was state of the art. So I wandered online and found your highly informative blog [thank you for the public service]. I visited their website (which was a masterpiece of no information), and was even more convinced of the oddity at the heart of this solicitation. The testimonies tab contained 4 letters, hand written and starkly in contrast to the other pages. Pity they were all written on the same date – 9/25/12. I’d expect them to be recent and multiple dates. So No, I won’t be sending my money.

    How did they find me? My bet would be from one of several breast cancer petitions I signed via They acknowledge in their privacy policy that they provide name, location & petitions signed to advertisers [sigh]. I signed one related to breast cancer screening; that one, I think, put me in the cross-hairs.

    Thank you for this posting, it was invaluable to me.

    • Mark says:

      Exactly what happened to us – we signed petitions and attended breast cancer survivor events. Immediately after this we began to receive calls and mailed solicitations. Calls for breast cancer, police officer and firefighters, veterans, etc, etc. Obviously sold or passed on our contact info or maybe it’s the professional fund raising company they use which gets at least 90% of all donations in “fundraising” fees.

  91. Lynn says:

    what does this mean?
    I also received a call in May; i’m a month late in returning my payment.
    had a bad feeling and this is first time I’ve had a chance to research.
    if anyone understands the link I attached, please share.

  92. Phyllis Factor says:

    I just received a call from them. The call came from 316-453-7024 which is in Kansas. I had never heard of them and being told there was a minimum donation of $15 made me suspicious. I informed the woman I would check them out and that I was not willing to have them mail to me.

  93. Paula says:

    I also received a call representing this so called “charitable organization” from a Georgia phone number of 678-666-5814 which is a VoIP phone system so it could be coming from anywhere. Told the lady that I was at work and could not talk and she continued to go on. Hung up. Thanks for the information on this blog…I will toss their literature/pledge cards and resume to support the Komen Foundation.

  94. Deborah says:

    Just had mammogram and started getting these calls to unlisted and cell #, 20 e-mails a day. My husband has the same every.time he refills a.prescription or has blood work done. Turns out the hospital that owns the Dr ‘s offices locally is selling our mailing and general info. My husband has taken to striking the section from the admit forms.

  95. Becki says:

    I just received a call from them. As is my custom, I let the woman give her spiel and then asked, “How much of my donation goes directly to program services?” Her answer: “As a paid caller, I’m instructed to tell people that at least 10% of their donation goes to program services.” Ten percent, huh? I politely declined to donate. My breast cancer charity dollars are better spent elsewhere.

  96. Steven says:

    Thanks for posting, all. I agreed to 35.00 and after a “discussion” that I don’t pay these donations by credit card, they sent me pledge info and paperwork. I always check charities I’ve never heard of and this was sadly one of many who occasionally contact me from time to time. Needless to say, I didn’t send any money.

    Don’t ever feel guilty about checking first. There’s nothing wrong with checking, and a legitimate company will not have a problem with you doing that.

  97. Kenneth K. says:

    My wife received a phone call from this group and agreed to a small pledge. When the pledge card was received, I decided to check them out. I found this blog first, but when to my “go-to” Website called You can type in the charity’s EIN or Taxpayer ID # to find out information. IRS Form 990 that is filed by these organizations provide a wealth of information, including the firms that the organizations use for their telephone solicitations as well as how much they pay the firms. It turns out that in 2014, this “Foundation” paid about 72% of their revenue for marketing expenses, and about 27.9% of revenue was actually paid out in grants or services. All of their fundraising expenses are through telephone marketing. This IRS form also lists the various clinics in which the grants were provided as well as the dollar amounts. I hope this helps, not only with this group, but with others. God Bless!

  98. Sandra says:

    I have been getting calls for this same group. I block the number and still get another call. The ID is the same, but the number is different. So, I blocked that number too. As of today I have blocked five different numbers from this same organization! I want these calls to stop!
    Until I block the number the calls would come several times a day and at all hours!
    When I first blocked the number I would get a break of several days from their calling.
    I blocked them again yesterday and this morning I get another call from them with the same name on the Caller ID but this time the area code was different!
    I have never answered their call and so want to pick up the phone and give them a piece of my mind! I know that will serve no purpose.
    I am just so sick and tiredof their constant calling and want them ti STOP! You would think that they would have figured out that they are NOT going to get any money from this number by now!!!!

  99. fy says:

    Hello, I recived a call from this group as well, I would normally hang up but I was tired and the person on the phone sounded alright so I listened and when they asked if I would like to donate I said sure nervously. I have family members who have had breast cancer and family who work in research and care of cancer patients and I feel like I could always do more. I am in college and I cant do much but I figured I could donate at least 25 dollars. I didnt catch the full name on the phone so I waited to get the letter in the mail, and I proceeded to find this site. I am glad that found out that they don’t contribute to the actual survivors. However I have a question if I dont send the check as requested I fear they will continue to harrass my family. Is there anything I can do? I feel really stupid for having even listened. Thanks so much for creating this website!

    • carla says:

      Legally they cannot harass you. And if you look on my blog for more recent posts you will see where the New York State Attorney General’s office is going after these people. What I suggest is you contact them immediately. The Bureau of charities is trying to get this charity shut down for good, and the more people who share their experiences with the New York State Attorney General’s office the better

  100. Tricia says:

    If you have found this informative blog, then you are smart to care where your donation goes and how it’s spent. Do not be fooled by a name. Just because the word Cancer or Veterans is part of a charity’s title does not guarantee legitimacy. There are thousands of phony charities vying for your hard-earned dollars. Rather than make a pledge commitment via telephone solicitation, take time to search online for reputable charities

  101. Tricia says:

    If you’re glad to have found this very informative blog, then you’re smart to care where your donation goes and how it’s spent. Don’t be fooled by a name. Just because the word Cancer or Veteran is part of a charity’s title doesn’t guarantee its legitimacy. There are thousands of so-called charities vying for your hard-earned dollars. Rather than make a pledge commitment based on a telephone solicitation, take the time to find reputable charities

  102. Tricia says:

    I am not a spammer. I have been supportive of your efforts to warn others about phone scams. I included one website as an example of a breast cancer charity which receives an A+ rating from CharityWatch and uses 90% of its donations to fund programs. The point was not to promote a particular charity but to remind everyone that better alternatives should be considered before agreeing to send money to a telemarketer.

    I apologize for causing any bad feelings and for clicking on the posting button twice. The first time all the content was lost and nothing appeared on screen. I rewrote the message as best as I could remember and resubmitted it. Your blog is excellent. All of your hard work in maintaining this website is truly appreciated.

  103. Debra says:

    I received a call from this Foundation about two weeks ago and made a pledge…I received their pledge in the mail a couple of days ago…..I was going to send it in but, then my suspicious nature kicked in and, thank goodness I came across your blog…then just a while ago I got a call from somewhere wanting a pledge for Veterans and, I noticed here that someone mentioned a Vet scam as well so, they will not be getting anything from me….I do not have a landline only a cell phone so there is never an ID with the number, and I usually never answer phone numbers I do not know but, at this time, after getting a referral I am waiting to hear from a Neurologist to set up a date for an appointment to go see him so I am afraid not to answer my phone……..I am on the do not call list but, it does not seem to be much help as I am getting calls all the time…..which like I said I usually do not answer.

    Thank you so much for this blog!

  104. Bobbi says:

    Some websites I came across that lend to questioning this foundation: – > Programs + Results .. to right: External reviews
    Or directly to:

    Thank you for this blog. Yours was listed second in the search engine after the group’s own website. They caught me off guard – clicked the arrow for caller ID (I thought), but had actually “answered” (need a new phone). After receiving the “Pledge card,” decided to check it out, as many others have. Spent quite some time and went to a couple websites which did not offer info on them; one only gave it if they’d been in existance over 7 years!!
    It is so easy to be misled by a name, often very similar to the groups who warrant our donations for their good work to benefit needy causes.

    P.S. Their “fundraising” does supply some jobs; surely minimum / low wage, through a local “teleservice;” though the return address was a P.O. Box in the capital city of my state, Michigan! This certainly cuts down on the money raised for the facilities which provide services for un- and under-insured women. How much is going to the “CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD” and / or founder Dr. Yulius Poplyansky? [Title copied from GuideStar – the only reason it’s in caps]. Also, when done with this “campaign,” poof goes the address!

  105. Mike J says:

    I just got a call from these folks (“Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation”) and they told me only 14% of every dollar goes directly to cancer research, treatment or support. Wow…. just wow…

    It is a real shame that there are people out there trying to siphon off charitable contributions that could really make a difference with legit research and support organizations.

    Two questions to ask ANYONE that calls you asking for money:
    1) Are you a volunteer calling for the cause? (in this case no)
    2) How much of every dollar goes toward the organization you represent? (14%?!)

  106. Csrol says:

    Thanks for the info. The caller was very nice, and gave me time to check Charity navigator. NOT rated. Then Googled it. Not much other than this post. Told her I couldn’t find it, so I wouldn’t donate. I mentioned the police org scam calls I’d received. She said she understood and thanked me.

  107. Dave R. says:

    I received a call the other day and was told my donation goes towards helping the “girls” with their copay. I thought the term girls was a little weird to hear, but if I figured this was this persons style, however when she said to help with copay and such, I thought that was great. I get the donation letter in the mail and it has absolutely nothing to do with helping folks pay their copay. It’s about education, which is great, however then I come across this blog. So I am not sending anything in, especially due to the deception and with a large portion of the monies paying the “expenses” that is certainly not what I was told.

  108. Kathy Moore says:

    I just now had a call from this group. I always decline to donate unless the can send me materials to read and research. The gentleman gave me their website address and it researching it, I came across this blog. So they are still at it. In this case, the call came from a local phone number (Harrisburg, PA), that was why I answered. But I hear scammers are now “hijacking” local numbers in order that more people will answer.

    • buffdoglover says:

      I just received a call. I remember getting the call last year saying I had donated and did I want to contribute the same amount again. The caller ID showed a Southern California number is why I made the mistake of answering again today. I am not in So Cal anymore but I kept my number so when I see a 951 prefix I assume it could be family or friends. When I asked for more information they said I had to pledge in order to receive any and that is when like others I stumbled across this website.

  109. Karen says:

    I’m in Arizona, and I also keep getting calls. They sent me a letter, asking for money. It just felt like a scam, I’m reading the letter, which looks official but there are typos. Even within the website that they are promoting! Front page says back of the letter says this letter is pre-addressed to a P.O. Box in Lansing MI. I am also trying to dig if it’s real or a scam.

    • Robin says:

      I never respond to telephone solicitations–NEVER. I check ALL solicitations, whether by phone, mail or email, with My standard for giving is at least four out of five stars on CharityNavigator. CN is free, and you don’t have to register if you don’t want to.

  110. Amy says:

    I have information everybody will want to know. Before I continue I want to say that my only regret was the I wasn’t able to collect enough evidence to the unethical, dishonest, and criminal activities of my brand new former employer. In the case of this breast cancer survivor foundation “charity”, I wasn’t able to collect any damning evidence concerning them. But I think I have collected some evidence of fraud on the other “charity” called Veterans Now aka Vietnow. I needed a job in a hurry so I can support my kids so I applied to this telemarketing company called Innovative Teleservices located at 2740 Pine Grove Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060. Telephone number (810) 989-5867. There is another address on this business card for a sister office. 1000 Republic Dr. Suite 500, Allen Park, MI 48101. Telephone number (313) 203-2420. My manager said they in the process of opening another call center in Grand Rapids, MI. I have no information for a address or telephone number. I was employed there for 2 weeks and was fired for being ethical and honest….no joke. I will take it as a compliment. Here are things I observed while working there for 2 weeks. The bathroom had top end toilet paper, Northern and Charmin. The break room was the fanciest break room I have ever seen which had high end…..
    2 microwaves
    3 50+ inch flat screen tv’s

    Top of the line everything. On a monthly basis they hand out awards to the telemarketers in the form of high end thick award papers and fancy trophies. On a weekly basis they hand out prizes in the form of dollar bills and wireless headphones. Bonuses are thrown in the telemarketers faces in an effort to make them sell more. That is a half truth. The actual base pay is $9.50 per hour. The employee can only earn $11.00 per hour if they miss no time in the week. Here is the job posting on The telemarketer can earn up to $16.00 per hour depending on how many sales they can make and that bonus boast was thrown at the telemarketers daily in an attempt to get them to sell more. The people who worked there for a while know they are scamming people and they don’t care. Not one bit. It disgusted me to witness it and it disgusted me when I found out about the scam of the “charity” called Veterans Now. Here is how I found out it was a con artist operation. We were able to gain overtime if we worked a half shift on Friday. The acting manager was paid to be at work but chose to run the streets and suck her lovers dick (no joke) instead of being on the job. My co worker gave me 2 papers concerning this Veterans Now “charity” because a would be donor asked the question what is the charity for. I told him for homeless vets because that is what my script implied. When I looked at the 2 papers my co-worker gave me, they didn’t add up to what was on the script nor did the 2 papers provided agree in what was written on the papers. I got very angry about it and voiced it so all my co-workers could hear my words and I showed the papers and told them to compare it to the script. The response of my co-workers was literally…”I don’t care”. That angered me more. When I returned to work that following Monday, I went “rogue” and went out of my way to take numbers off the list, especially numbers belonging to the elderly. I refused to push a sale from that day forth as well. That Friday was the also the first time I walked into the break room and it angered me to see all that high end crap in there. I worked for Fortune 500 companies before and none of them had high end toilet paper or top of the line anything in the break room. By Tuesday of my last week, my manager came to me because my sales were low and I brought up the scam. He blatantly lied to me when I called a spade a spade. For the remaining 2 days of my employment there, I took about 120 numbers off their calling list. If you do not want them calling you anymore, you have to point blank say DO NOT CALL before they are under legal obligation to remove your number off the list. When the bonus word was spoken and we were told to sell, sell, sell it was a feeding frenzy of greed in that room and some of the telemarketers would talk cash money shit and mock people after hanging up for not allowing themselves to fall prey to the scam. It was the most disgusting thing to listen to and experience. When I took the job, I was mislead, just like how they mislead the people they call and pander from. I see no honor, or virtue in what they are doing and for me it was a blessing from God that I was fired. I didn’t feel good about myself while working there after I learned the truth and there is no way I would ever take another job like that again. They need to be shut down and sued in court as far as I am concerned and that is what brought me to this site. I am trying to find out as much as I can and expose them to everybody I know. The information I was given about Breast Cancer Survivor Foundation is that they give 14% to the women and there is a P.O. Box in Lansing, MI. The telemarketer is told as little as possible and the only telemarketers who had any information to give to callers aside from a Tax I.D. number, a web address, toll free number and percentage of donation were the ones who were there a year or longer. The new telemarketers like are flying blind and as a result give false information to would be donors. Maybe that can be used against these call centers and charities to take them down? I was specifically told that law says I have to say the name of the call center in the pitch. If one does not and you have it recorded, might work in a law suit against them? I am currently looking into the “charities” they use at Innovative Teleservices. Here are some I remember.
    Kids Wish Network
    Veterans Now
    Breast Cancer Survivor Foundation
    Children’s Leukemia Foundation
    Fire Fighters Foundation
    Cancer Survivors Foundation
    Children’s Cancer Relief Foundation
    and a few more but I don’t remember the names

    Innovative Teleservices does sales pitches for 2 specific “charities” to my knowledge
    Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation
    Veterans Now

    All others mentioned were only dealt with during my time there in collections “reminder” calls.
    These reminder calls involve credit and debit card information so be advised.

    Thank you for making this blog and alerting people who think about donating to such charities.

    • Robin says:

      Before my elderly mother died she wound up on three “charities'” automatic monthly payment programs, without any real understanding of the charities or her commitment. When I took over her financial bookkeeping I discovered this monthly siphoning of her assets. I called the American Express fraud department and recovered some of the payments. AmEx also revoked the charities’ charge privileges. I got a call from some supervisor who asked me to modify my “fraud” charge and averred that my action was “unfair.” I took great pleasure in hanging up on him. I also reported some of the telephone numbers to the FCC’s complaint web site. Furthermore, you can have intercept robo calls for free.

  111. Amy says:

    The Florida Address is what was listed on our scant information sheet. The New Jersey address is a direct donation address as is the Lansing, MI address we were told to give donors. Thought you might wanna know

  112. Jess says:

    This charity is still calling and now using local numbers to get you to answer the phone. I said I would donate but don’t plan on sending in a donation. Seriously scamming breast cancer survivors? SICK

  113. Chip says:

    Received call last week and made a pledge got info today had bad feeling looked up for name found this web site many many thanks for all info , saved me from making mistake , sent a note in return envelope saying I ain’t no fool thank much please don’t send me anymore​ solitations

  114. jakemeg says:

    4/17/2017 The Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation is still in operation. They almost got $50 from me until I started to investigate their financial documents which I could not find for the state of Virginia. I did find this site and everyone’s comments confirmed my ‘gut’ feeling that this was not a ‘charity’ I wanted to give my money. The donation coupon has been shredded. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

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