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Life continues to truck along with it’s twists, turns, and occasional hiccups, but all in all, it’s not so bad considering the past few months.   The future is looking forward, so I can’t complain. 

God closes a window, and opens a door.

I still wait to hear from what the result of the great tamoxifen pow-wow will be.  That is a little annoying I must admit. My sweet man laughs every time I tell him patience is a virtue I have yet to discover.

So I saw a friend today who is a little younger.  Not yet 40 so every mammogram she pays extra for thanks to the convoluted health system in this country.  She discovered a few months ago a lump in her breast and I swear I can’t decide who is the larger jackass – her local hospital “breast expert” or her insurance company. 

She’s been living with the lump or whatever it is and is doing the co-pay-please-approve-me circus.   There has been no determination of whether or not the lump is anything or just a benign thing that may or may not fade over time but her breast expert told her basically just to take evening primrose.  Maybe they’ll take it out, maybe they won’t, she has dense breasts, and oh yes, her insurance company won’t pay for her to have a second opinion.

HUH????? They are telling her this in October AKA Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Can you say boobs? (She’s getting a second opinion anyway. I would too.)

And another woman I know was afraid she had something wrong and went to her primary care who it ends up not only had her juiced up full of meds she really didn’t need, but sent her to a neurologist who is quick possibly completely quackers.

I just think it’s crap the way women often have to fight for the most basic stuff like decent healthcare.  And I don’t see lawmakers moving particularly fast to deal with these issues. Certainly not Mr. President. BTLA is how I am going to sum up the Obama years I think when all is said and done. (Not that I would have an opinion or anything, right?)

And then tonight I got a e-mail from another  friend who lives out of state:

As you know mom sent us the article you wrote in the paper. It was a wonderful article that told your journey from beginning to end.

It is a lesson for all of us no matter what age to get our mammogram or when we feel something in our breast to get it checked out.

After reading your article and hearing the story of Guilana Rancic, I am going to make an appt with the GYN and  mammogram.

You had a great support system to help you get through this!  Next time we are in the area we will let you know and so we can meet for dinner!

Congratulations on being a Breast Cancer Survivor!

How awesomely nice is that? It made my whole day.

The month of endless vomitorious pink  (sorry, but it way too much) is almost over, but ladies, through all the feather boas and hats and et cetera there is a take home message: take care of your girls and take care of yourselves because if you wait for our healthcare system  or elected officials to be more proactive, honestly, I don’t see it happening in our lifetimes.  We have to be proactive for us.

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