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a very pink victory: say buh byes to “breast cancer survivors foundation”

This is a really big deal.  There are far too many scam charities out there in this world. This video and a link to the official press release came with a note from an Assistant New York Attorney General: I … Continue reading

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catching the breast cancer “charity” scammers: an opportunity to level the playing field

All good things come to those who wait.  Since almost the inception of this blog, I have written about BOGUS BREAST CANCER CHARITIES. I never knew they existed until I had breast cancer.  Then like magic they started calling. I … Continue reading

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boob alert: another bogus breast cancer charity – breast cancer prevention fund

Here it is the hottest day in recent memory, and I am flashing up a storm anyway today, so hot feels extra hot to me. Yes, it is 100 degrees down from I don’t want to think about it, and … Continue reading

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breast cancer survivors foundation outed by kane in your korner

It started last October when I grew tired of the unwanted solicitation calls from Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation.  I wrote about them on this blog and submitted a FOIA request to the State of New Jersey and did some research. My … Continue reading

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oh give me a break

Apparently I just fell off the turnip truck. I just received a comment to the wrong part of my blog.  And oops sorry, I don’t do free PR for what I consider questionable charities as my Raison d’être.  I do … Continue reading

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