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trying to respect the pink sisterhood

The past few days I have been experiencing something new: a fellow breast cancer survivor who has no respect for the pink sisterhood. The proverbial thin pink line of the pink sisterhood is sort of that unwritten rule where you … Continue reading

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the forgiveness project

When I was going through breast cancer, the early stages, my friend Barb gave me this wonderful book called The Forgiveness Project. And when you are a woman whose life has been touched with breast cancer, you learn to forgive. … Continue reading

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b is not just the first letter in “breast cancer”

Drama is a situation women create themselves, based on jealousy. And that quote lets you know we’re not in Kansas anymore and tonight’s post is not about breast cancer.  It’s about grown women acting lie prepubescent mean girls. So once … Continue reading

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hump day

Well so I haven’t mentioned poor abused and microwaved left breast for a little bit.  She was having a post-zappage vacation but alas she is having a rashy little issue.  Yes, and I am so tired of talking about my post … Continue reading

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my weekend with irene, week six starts monday with 11 to go

Sorry, was so damn tired at the end of last week I didn’t do my daily posting.  After tomorrow, I have 10 radiation treatments left to go I think. I am still suffering through what can only be described as … Continue reading

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