my weekend with irene, week six starts monday with 11 to go

Sorry, was so damn tired at the end of last week I didn’t do my daily posting.  After tomorrow, I have 10 radiation treatments left to go I think. I am still suffering through what can only be described as a radiation rash.  It is bumpy and itchy and icky to look at. It also feels swollen around the left breast.  It makes me feel quite unattractive.  But it is always better than the alternative.

The week ended last week with some woman yelling at me and Sherry about CNN/Money coverage of Ardmore which included First Friday Main Line…from 2009.   Yep, file under way to go outraged Sleeping Beauty. Of course it was rather amusing that it ends up the woman was a couple of years ahead of me in high school – you see after she yelled at my friend Sherry I called to try to figure out what the issue was with copy written by a major media outlet and not us.  She could not articulate her argument and ended with “you always were a pain in the ass in high school”.

Nanny nanny boo boo. 

How damn funny since I then knew exactly who she was.  Very ironic too considering what people  whispered behind her back in high school, along with the fact we did not hang out as it were.   More props to my theory of people who get stuck in their heads and in the past.  Maybe as a relatively naive girl in high school this might have cowed me, but not now.  I dont’t give a rat’s fanny if someone thinks I am a pain in the ass – it’s life, it happens.

The ultimate breast cancer irony of it all is she works for some sort of IT consulting business locally that actually has or had something to do with the website – found on their site. Mind you since I looked them up on Friday for some reason the company’s website is no longer loading on the web.  Maybe coincidence or something Internet funky to do with Hurricane Irene since a lot of web sites seem funky or not loading right….. 

As I was talking to this woman  on Friday (or trying to)  I kept thinking I work full-time, am going through treatment for breast cancer, and volunteer, and I deserve to put up with this crap?  The answer is of course I do not.   But part of the epiphany of having gone through a breast cancer diagnosis is that awareness.  Life is too damn short for bullshit.  And women who act like aging Mean Girls need to get a clue.

So Hurricane Irene totally messed with my weekend with my sweet man and last night I got no sleep.  Truthfully I have been up since about 3 a.m. – the wind and rain howling and swirling kept me and my critters awake.  The power went on and off all night and continues to flicker today.  We had a bunch of trees down in our neighborhood and other storm water related flotsam and jetsam.

Mind you I hear my ex’s neighborhood fared worse than mine.  I hate to be a girl about this, but whatever happened to his neighbors I am sorry for, whatever happened to him, not so much.  I wonder if my GIRL’s bike that he wouldn’t let me take when I moved stuff out floated away out of his garage?  I never quite understood that or many other things, but am thankful that God worked in mysterious ways.  As my friend Barb said it was like I just got lifted out of that relationship…and then arrived my sweet man on the scene.  To be with someone who genuinely loves you and accepts you for who you are right now in the present, who you were in the past, and who you may be in the future is priceless.

What a summer I have had – this makes three so I am due a break – breast cancer, earthquake, hurricane.

To the ladies of the Driving Miss Daisy Schedule, we’re starting week six, right?  Can you stand it?

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