b is not just the first letter in “breast cancer”

Drama is a situation women create themselves, based on jealousy.

And that quote lets you know we’re not in Kansas anymore and tonight’s post is not about breast cancer.  It’s about grown women acting lie prepubescent mean girls.

So once upon a time in a post far, far away I recounted the amusing take of a woman who sent a Facebook message through another woman complaining that she could not see my posts.

Well, duh, lady, they are called “privacy settings” and I choose not to interact.

Apparently that drives some of these Stepfords bat sh*t. Oh yes I almost said the “s” word.  But it’s my blog, is it not?

A lot of these Stepfords congregate on a community board on Facebook that a woman I know is the admin of.   They definitely have issues if you aren’t cookie cutter them.  (So you know they all love me, right?)

I decided to put a link to a post I wrote on a local blog and oh my! The drama. As in D-R-A-M-A.  It was so good I took screen shots of all their comments.  They did not like that I said in my opinion I thought a local business owner was being a little b*tch.  They went on and on and on.  One woman even went so far as to basically say I did not have the right to my opinion.  And then she said “no hard feelings here.”  The funniest part about this woman?  She owns and runs a small indie newspaper that she would not be able to run if it wasn’t for the First Amendment that exists in a free country.

So I get contacted by the board admin who is a lovely woman.  Apparently she came home to an inbox stacked with complaints about my post – a post that is written on a stand-alone community blog that  has nothing to do with this community page on Facebook.   Along with those complaints come repeat complaints that certain people I filter out with my privacy settings can’t see my posts and how that is so unfair. Saying that this is an “honor system and that posts should be available to all members for viewing and comment.”


Privacy settings and quasi public boards are not mutually exclusive.  Nice to know something on Facebook works.

So what does this woman do?  She deletes the post because all these Stepfords are berating her.  Yes, peer pressure.  Does it every time.

I am highly amused.  But then I can be.  I don’t need any of those women.  I find them pathetic.  Here they are grown women and if they can’t get their own way they throw in essence tantrums until they get their own way?  I guess that must be filed under the First Amendment for selective readership/censorship?

Wow.  I survived breast cancer only to deal with bitches.  Yes I said the “b” word.  All the way out with no little asterisks to soften the blow.  But I have survived breast cancer, so pardon me if I don’t bow to peer pressure and am not afraid to speak my mind.  Not that I was afraid to speak my mind before breast cancer, mind you, because I wasn’t.

I guess all in all this just goes to the nature of some women.  They can only be supportive and friendly if you subscribe to their narrow perception of reality and the universe.  I find that sad, truly I do.  But I wasn’t put on earth to pacify cookie cutters.  I only use cookie cutters for baking.

After an experience like this, it makes me appreciate all the more human beings who are not afraid to be individuals.

O.k. enough fear and loathing in suburbia.  I have important things like Tamoxifen induced hot flashes to get back to.


About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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2 Responses to b is not just the first letter in “breast cancer”

  1. Facebook is the devil! 😉

  2. jelebelle says:

    Ahh yes, the real housewives of Facebook. Bleh to those biotches who can’t fathom a strong woman like you!

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