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last radiation bill

All I have done for the last 6 years is pay off my breast cancer treatment bills from 2011. Every month, without fail. I did my radiation at Lankenau Hospital in suburban Philadelphia, PA.  I did my radiation there because … Continue reading

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how not to treat breast cancer patients and survivors

In 2012 I wrote a post about Lankenau Hospital and Main Line Health’s screwed up business practices. when it came to billing. Today I am writing again. This is what I sent to Lankenau today. If I had to do … Continue reading

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lankenau hospital business practices and billing (updated)

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: I just spoke with Scott a Supervisor at Lankenau, who was at least honest with me on he had no idea how this happened.  He says he will pull the bill back from collection and put me … Continue reading

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THREE left!!! (32 down)

Yippeekiyay!  Three zaps left and my left breast says not a moment too soon since I have redefined red is the new black. Three left. Wow. It has been so long, yet it has been so fast.    And I have … Continue reading

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