THREE left!!! (32 down)

Yippeekiyay!  Three zaps left and my left breast says not a moment too soon since I have redefined red is the new black.

Three left.


It has been so long, yet it has been so fast.    And I have survived.  I am definitely stronger, and mayhap a little wiser. 

Now if I could just stop hurting and itching.  The stabbing pains through the surgical site sucks and my body is soaking up the creams like a sponge.  I will also admit I am antsy once again about the next stage – Tamoxifen.  Especially since completely by accident I heard today from a woman who had BC, a modified radical mastectomy (say THAT three times fast), went on Tamoxifen and ended up with a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer.  For every four tales I hear of no problem, I hear of horror stories like that.  But then I contemplate the alternative if I do not take Tamoxifen and feel a wee bit stuck…

In other news, the photo today is of IDIOT-1.  Kind of like AIR FORCE 1 for the Infiniti-ly more important in this world.  This jackass left their giant white refrigerator of an SUV  parked a good five feet out from the wall in this parking space, which means that it was sticking out 3-4 feet into the turning lane of a very tight garage.  It is also up for debate as to if theat person was actually IN radiation.  You see Lankenau Hospital where I am getting radiation has a problem with people who park in the “Radiation Patient ONLY” parking.  It’s a new spin on people without handicap placards who park in handicap spots because they are too self-important or lazy to park legally.

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