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#bullsh😡t , penn medicine

Let's recap: I have had three surgeries (breast cancer, full hysterectomy, knee surgery) and quite a few procedures over the past six years. I have also had radiation, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, the flu, a sprained ankle, and so on … Continue reading

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bedside manner, aetna?

It has been a few days now since I wrote the post “my state of denial” . The response to that post has been astounding. I truly had no idea how much SO MANY OTHER WOMEN have gone through regarding … Continue reading

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my state of “denial”

My hysterectomy post surgical care has been DENIED by Aetna. Furious doesn’t adequately describe the white-hot anger coursing through me right now. Apparently spending over 4 hours on a surgical slab (instead of the projected 1 1/2 hours) having a COMPLETE hysterectomy, … Continue reading

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lankenau hospital business practices and billing (updated)

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: I just spoke with Scott a Supervisor at Lankenau, who was at least honest with me on he had no idea how this happened.  He says he will pull the bill back from collection and put me … Continue reading

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