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aetna is totally screwing individual subscribers and breast cancer survivors/patients

I wrote recently about groundhog day with Aetna . Sadly, the truth is that Aetna doesn’t want individual subscribers in Pennsylvania any longer. They say they value their subscribers, but really, they don’t. They are over us. (Bastards.) Being an individual subscriber off … Continue reading

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groundhog day with aetna

I saw the envelope in my mailbox from Aetna today.  And I knew, I just knew based on the kind of envelope it was what the contents were. Yup. You got it. Groundhog day health insurer style. At the end … Continue reading

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new year, same aetna

UPDATE 1/42016: NEW YEAR NEW SUCKITUDE. Spent over 30 minutes on muzak hold to get the Philippines where they know nothing, can’t help you and can only read a script. They land me another 30 minutes on hold until I … Continue reading

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oh joy. (not)

Warning: I am going to whine and piss and moan and complain. If you can’t handle that, stop reading NOW. I am on a brief I-hate-Tamoxifen pity party of one. No, I am not going to stop taking it, I … Continue reading

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russian roulette with health insurance 2015

Oh Aetna, how can you terrorize me? Let me count the ways! (Do you like the healthcare dart board I designed?) So….you know I am soooooo thrilled with how well Obamacare err the Affordable Care Act is working out so … Continue reading

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