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groundhog day with aetna

I saw the envelope in my mailbox from Aetna today.  And I knew, I just knew based on the kind of envelope it was what the contents were. Yup. You got it. Groundhog day health insurer style. At the end … Continue reading

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boycott the american cancer society

I will not participate again in the American Cancer Society Great Valley Relay for Life. Not because of the stupid marketing ploy on adding the Main Line to Great Valley when we are Chester County but because of American Cancer … Continue reading

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pink is for roses.

Pinkification pukification here we come. Yes tomorrow marks the onslaught of putrid pink things because you know breast cancer is so pink and frothy and light, right? Like fuzzy bunnies, Barbie, and cotton candy,right? I hate #pinktober. The world gets … Continue reading

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15 minutes

Well, yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reporter who called me about my old boss and former job called back.  She wanted to go over what she had asked me previously.  The article came out today.  The reporter who called me … Continue reading

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