oh joy. (not)

pink day lilyWarning: I am going to whine and piss and moan and complain. If you can’t handle that, stop reading NOW.

I am on a brief I-hate-Tamoxifen pity party of one.

No, I am not going to stop taking it, I like living.  But for all the good this drug does, there are times when it just sucks.

Like now.

I am tired of sitting at my desk or being out somewhere and I just start to sweat. Hot flashes of hellish proportions which leave me feeling like a damp wash cloth.

Miscellaneous joint pain sometimes.

And sleepus interruptus a good part of the time.

And have I mentioned the occasional and bizarre food cravings?

And of course the emotional and other brain functions things? I can be feeling fine and then it is like I am emotionally paralyzed…for no reason.  Or I have days where no matter what I do I just can’t concentrate and complete tasks at hand.

This is not all of the time but when it happens, it’s draining.  I am hopefully at the end of one of these jags. It has been about a week, maybe a little longer.  This little jaunt has been particularly bad. It’s July, so who in their right mind wants to sweat more?

And my patience is at zero and I feel crappy.

This too shall pass and eye on the prize is I continue to be really, really lucky.

But Tamoxifen? I won’t be missing you when my sentence is up.

And PS did I mention the letter from Aetna which says (and I quote):

Your health insurance with Aetna is ending on December 31, 2015.

We value our customers.  We want to help you understand your health plan options for 2016.

Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna) will no longer offer individual health products in the state of Pennsylvania effective January 1, 2016, but health plans will still be available from Aetna Life Insurance Company’s affiliate, Aetna Health Inc,

AGAIN Aetna? F-ing again? Really? It took me until March to get it all straightened out, which means I am paying already for a year I will not have had full use of. And now I get to do it again. Obamacare is a hot mess.

Here is some news on Aetna:

Aetna jumping ship in DC market

The nation’s capital is losing an insurance company on its exchange. It’s a trend consumers will likely see in other exchanges, says one health policy researcher.

According to The Washington Post, The Daily Caller and other news outlets, Aetna will no longer offer insurance plans on DC Health Link, aka the Washington, DC, health insurance change

Aetna plan to buy Humana under review. Deal would create No. 2 insurer in U.S.

Regulators in Pennsylvania and 17 other states will scour health insurer Aetna’s plan to buy rival Humana, looking for signs the proposed merger might drain competition, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department said Monday.

Hartford, Conn.-based Aetna Inc. announced July 3 it would buy Humana Inc. for about $37 billion in cash and stock. The deal would create the second-largest domestic health insurer by membership, with more than 33 million people covered.

But the companies need approval from the U.S. Department of Justice, which will rely in part on state regulators to evaluate how the acquisition might affect policyholders and regional insurance markets. Regulators in Kentucky, where Humana maintains its Louisville headquarters, will lead the state-level evaluation, according to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

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