f*ck cancer, any cancer


I started getting religion about my dermatology appointments for skin checks after I finished radiation in September, 2011.

So how about the irony of a skin cancer diagnosis at the onset of Pinktober which I hate already especially because of the damn Ibrance commercial where the fake commercial patient is a middle aged woman named Carla with dark hair. I mean REALLY?????

So before I even had coffee or much of another thought this morning I opened up my email from my dermatologist at Penn:

Specimen B – Diagnosis ARM, LEFT UPPER – PRURIGO 

A – This reveals a skin cancer, and I will be referring you to Mohs surgery for definitive treatment (I believe this is the best method for treatment of your lesion).  

B – This is just a benign lesion, and no additional work is necessary.

C- This does indicate a skin cancer, and I will be calling you to schedule a removal of this lesion.


Yes I did just curse. Sadly it is my go to word with any form of cancer diagnosis.

Just F*ck.

4717b0b2db8e51f82223f2f66d76fd78Why am I posting this? First of all so you my readers know I am not Sister Mary Sunshine swami of the breast cancer blog who is above and over it.  I am most of the time ….but I have my moments.

Today I am having a moment….. or five.

This afternoon I get one thing sliced off.

Next week the Mohs surgery.

This is not my idea of fun.

Nothing with the word cancer in it is my idea of fun.

So other than getting this out of my system so I can put my positive hat back on, why am I writing about this?

To tell any breast cancer or cancer patient out there to take the dermatologist visits seriously.  Make the appointments. Keep the appointments. Just freaking DO IT. Actually everyone should have a dermatologist and get regular skin checks.

I am lucky.  I have GREAT doctors thanks to Penn Medicine.  I think I have one of the best dermatologists in the business.  He is about my skin and keeping me healthy and not a dermatologist who is trying to sell me cosmetics and botox and other “fillers”.

See? Writing about this crap always helps.  I feel the storm cloud lifting.

But seriously? No one should ever get unpleasant news before coffee in the morning. It’s just uncivilized.

Getting coffee now.


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1 Response to f*ck cancer, any cancer

  1. Pazlo says:

    I second the motion, F*CK Cancer.


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