mohs day

Today is Mohs surgery day. I am in the waiting room while they see if they got all the squamous cell in the first attempt.

Like any cancer, I just want clean margins.

Last week was the large basal cell removal and sadly, it’s not healing as well as was expected. They did a wound check and took a culture sample…and I get a prescription antibiotic cream and an antibiotic. I have allergies to some, hopefully this is not one of them.

I am sitting in a room of other Mohs patients in our own special waiting room. I am significantly younger than most of the patients.

One woman right in front of me is a patchwork of burned off spots as well as a Mohs spot considerably larger than mine on her face. Yet she is nut brown from tanning. All I can think is I might not really sit in the sun after this ever again.

My face is thankfully still numb from the needles of topical numbing stuff. I will be back to finish this post when I know what is what.

HGTV is on the TV and two men are discussing some accident that was on the news recently. Me? My brain is wandering and I was thinking about my friend Allison from high school. She died of Melanoma years ago.

I will be back to finish this post hopefully soon.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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1 Response to mohs day

  1. Pazlo says:

    Glad to hear such good news!
    You’ve earned more than a nap!


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