21 down, 14 to go…and yes there was an earthquake

21 down and 14 to go and an earthquake felt here today originating from Virginia apparently – 5.9 on the scale.  Mind you I was already through radiation and can’t help but wonder how much the hospital will have to re-set?

Seriously, I was home, working and everything started to shake.  I thought I was passing out or my neighbor was moving furniture.  My beasts started to bark and went under tables.  And then it stopped – I thought I was nuts.

It’s not every day a gal gets radiation and an earthquake. Or an earthquake and breast cancer in the same year.

Freaky.  All we had were tremors here in the Philadelphia area but the media is blitzing it like a blizzard.  I seem to remember this happening when I was a kid too….1973 – my mother said daddy rolled over and said “today an earth tremor, tomorrow another burglary” and then went back to sleep.

Speaking of my mother, a little scary for my mother because my mother was on an elevator when it hit today.

 And here the only time I thought the earth moves under my feet is when  a certain someone in particular gives me a smooch or two….

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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