22 down, 13 to go….

So today was number 22, with 13 left to go.  Also had a CAT scan to plot out where I have been and where they go with the last of my radiation doses.  This morning I had it all straight in my head what and where and why, but as I get ready to go to sleep…it’s out of my head.

The radiation rash is getting a little better, but it’s itchy.

The waiting room today had a different vibe.  People were so upbeat today it was almost like the chatty atmosphere of a really good cocktail party.  It was pleasant because some days the vibes are really difficult.  Face it, what is happening to us patients there is difficult.  Not just the physical, but the emotional.

Another week halfway done. 

After dinner which I kind of forgot to eat because I kind of forgot to make it I went with my friend Barb to check out her prayer group.  Not my usual type of thing, but life is trying new things.  Met some very nice women, truthfully.  Including a very intuitive and cool female minister.   It was a different experience for me,  but people get their faith in different ways and I try to respect that.  Hopefully God had prepared them for me :<} (I can be a pain in the ass)

‘Night all….tomorrow brings another day of breast cancer Mardi Gras….




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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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