rite aid, to me it’s personal and you are on my sh*t list.

Rite Aid is on my list and it’s personal – and I am pissed.

Yes, Rite Aid has made it to my “list”, a place no one wants to be twice.  Trust me.

I needed one of my creams refilled.  The one actually covered by my prescription plan, the Betamethasone Dipropionate one. You see, I have a bit of a radiation rash sprouting, and it itches (and has little red bumps). And this cream that I apply 3 times a day along with the Biafine (which isn’t covered by prescription plans thank you very much Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals).

So I called it in for refill. Followed the directions, was told it would be ready as of 8:30 a.m. this morning.  I decide to go after work.  I walked to the drug store to try to keep the exercise levels up – you know like they tell breast cancer treatment patients to do even though we are exhausted?

I get there and the pharmacist looks at me blankly and says “what is your name again?”

So I repeat my name.

“Uhh you are sure you called this in?”


“Uhh it’s not here”

“OK WTF do you mean it’s not here” my brain is screaming.  But I calmly ask why isn’t it here.  They tell me they don’t have any.  I asked why NO ONE CALLED ME AND SAVED ME A TRIP?

“Uhhh…I  don’t know…uhhhh…When do you need it by?”

Seriously? I am all but out and am going through daily radiation treatments.

Well maybe they will have it by tomorrow.


Mind you this is Rite Aid, the place that made me stand for 20+ minutes the day I had surgery before anyone would pay attention to me and fill post surgical prescriptions

(What they thought I forgot?)

So seriously right now I am STILL pissed about this. Telling me I could go from pillar to freaking post to find another Rite Aid that had this?  Seriously? Get real. Find the damn cream.  That’s what you all get paid to do as pharmacists. They have a jillion stores around here and want to shove in more with ginormous floor plans and ugly drive thrus no one wants.   Yet they can’t do a basic thing it seems: be responsible about filling prescriptions on time when they say they will.

Did I mention that they never called me to say they were out of the cream and would have to get it in???

Rite Aid you suck and you are on my sh*t list.  That list is never a good place to be. Once. Let alone twice.

To end the day with humor I will mention that I bought some donut peaches in honor of my left breast.

And for extra fun, this blog post has been sent to the executive offices of Rite Aid – not that they care, but I do and I will be a one woman negative PR campaign if I have to be.  

Dealing with breast cancer is hard enough. Rite Aid should not be part of the equation.


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