20 down, 15 to go and what’s up with my mood?

Today was number 20.  Time flies when you’re having fun and spending gobs of money to stay alive, right?

O.k. sorry but Ms. Cranky Pants is in the house a wee bit today.  I am overwhelmingly tired, and yes I have slept.  And call me crazy, but being so fatigued almost makes me feel depressed at times. (Which is as irritating as shit, let me tell you) 

I think maybe some days I am overwhelmed in spite of myself.

Friday night was date night with my guy and in spite of the rain and thunder it was an awesome night.   I actually dressed up a little and felt more like a girl and less like a breast cancer fashion victim.

Saturday my sweet man took us down to visit my friend Barb and her family on Saturday.   Barb knows that MeMom’s place in Ocean City is special to me.  MeMom’s house is a traditional brick beach house with amazing porches and is over 100 years old.  It holds to the testament of time and perseverance, existing in the midst of some damn unattractive modern Jersey shore housing (I refuse to call most of it architecture). His son had an awesome play date day with Barb’s son and my friend Stephanie’s son (who has the most impeccable manners, incidentally)….. Oh wait, I forgot, they are tweens or close enough, so it’s not a play date, it’s hanging out – even if the parents still arrange the time, LOL.

I spent a little time on the beach under an umbrella, took some awesome photos and went for a walk, but watched my sun exposure and retired to one of the porches for an awesome by-the-sea nap.  After that we took a stroll on the boards, had pizza at Mack & Manco’s and called it a day.

Sunday was a fitful stormy day and crazy humid, so I pretty much stayed inside until it was dinner time.  After a long weekend, we decided to go out to dinner. So we went to Wayne. 

We thought we were going to Theresa’s, what I used to think of as a cute BYOB. Two twin blondey blonde tartlet hostesses were the keepers of the tables.  In spite of NO lines outside and a NO reservation policy, they were playing the waiting game for tables.  And oh yes, there were several empty tables.  “Forty minutes” they chirped in unison after looking us up and down  – incidentally, I have been to some mighty fine restaurants in Manhattan and the Hamptons whose hosts and hostesses never did that up and down look see.  I felt like telling those lil miz things they weren’t all that and a bag of chips, but I did not let the inner voice play outside.

It was already 7 pm on a Sunday, and this little rads girl was tired, so we went down the street to Christopher’s where we were greeted cheerfully, and seated immediately.  It was more crowded in Christopher’s, yet we had a delicious meal and wonderful service.  On our way back to the car we walked by Theresa’s.  The hostesses were still holding guard, and they still had empty tables.  When a restaurant starts to believe their own hype, eventually they tumble-down.   I don’t know about you, but I prefer my dining experiences attitude free.

Radiation today was once again a crowded affair.  And they were running late again.  Today I figured out why.  There is an older woman who obviously can’t bring herself, and she has a couple of people who bring her.  They bring her in late.   When you are getting radiation, the common courtesy is you arrive a few minutes early because you have to change.  The time of your actual appointment is when you go into the room, not when arrive to get changed.

I feel sorry for this older woman because this is obviously beyond her control.  And she is so frail and a little out of it that everything takes longer with her to begin with.   I have noticed  it’s usually one person in particular who makes her late.  Yes, I began my 5th week today so I recognize the cast of characters.  However, this one woman who brings this older lady should be more considerate of the rest of us.   But the reality is, those people generally exist in a bubble, so we don’t rank.

I am so tired, people.  Truthfully I am thinking this is what chronic fatigue must feel like. And another damn stitch is working its way out around my nipple, so the zapped area is extra sensitive.  Tomorrow I get a doctor check too. If insurance doesn’t cover what it is supposed to by the end of this I might throw a ginormous temper tantrum.

A domani!

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  1. beautiful shot – thank you. Many people live in very selfish bubbles, it is a shame that others have to endore their selfishness,

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