7 down 28 to go…and the girl is tired

Yes another one done today.  My friend Laura took me and we giggled all the way there and back.  Laura is one of my amazing Shipley gals from high school, and I was thrilled to know that she also has a “talk to dogs voice”.  You see, my sweet man thinks something akin to an alien is inhabiting my body when I talk to dogs, so it was nice to hear someone else is as silly as I am when it comes to dogs…

I am admittedly Ms. Cranky Pants because I could not fall asleep again last night, and to add insult to injury, Comcast in their infinite wisdom decided to take down all the cable and internet in my area last night.  I was too tired to read, but couldn’t put myself to sleep watching the boob tube either.  To all who have spoken to Ms. Cranky Pants in the last 24 hours I am sorry, but I truly can’t help it.

Today I also met with a nurse who spoke to me about the creams and I started using the Biafine today, although I had already on my own been using Sween Cream and Aloe.  Apparently my boob is going to get gross and perhaps under my arm pit too.  And oh yes, I won’t be shaving until October most likely. Ick.

I had another freelance photography gig last night. Today’s photo is one of the ones I did not sell.  But then again, I overshot on purpose to retain some of my own photos from the night.

Sigh….how many naps can I have in a day do you think?

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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