6 down 29 to go and a word about the cost of breast cancer living

I was exhausted but feeling good going into radiation today.  Once again, Linda drove Miss Daisy and afterwards we went to pick up my mystery prescriptions waiting for me at my local chain drug store.

Hello, can we say STICKER FREAKING SHOCK?  The prescriptions were creams and one was $80.00 – Biafine. 

Here is where I rant about the insurance and pharmaceutical industry in this country.  Mind you, I appreciate that Aetna my insurer has been relatively easy to deal with during breast cancer, but I do *not* appreciate that they refuse to cover even part of the $80 radiation cream that is deemed medically necessary by my doctors. I think that breast cancer gals deserve *whatever* we need, when we need it. 

I don’t like that insurance companies can direct treatment versus medical professionals.  I have paid into health insurance plans for years, and years, and years.  Now that I actually need my benefits, I don’t like feeling like at times I am being nickeled and dimed at the potential expense of my well-being.  I have always had doctors that won’t prescribe an aspirin if I don’t need one.  And as I sit and listen to the bi-partisan twaddle on the news about the Congress and Senate passing the debt ceiling compromise, and also listen to President Obama spew some prettily laced together words I wonder about all the wonderful things that were supposed to happen with health insurance and healthcare  in the U.S.  Apparently I am still waiting…but hey ignore the issues, ignore the uninsured, and those like me who had to struggle to get insurance as an individual because we were not offered benefits through our employers. 

Sorry, rant over. 

Miss Daisy feels much better now. One of my friends was so sweet and left me a little note saying I was remarkable and an inspiration.  Most humbly I love her for saying that, but I don’t think I am deserving of such accolades. I am just me and quite frankly a pain in the ass some days….

Onward and upward, one day closer!



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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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1 Response to 6 down 29 to go and a word about the cost of breast cancer living

  1. Karen says:

    I would advise you to look into ordering from Canada. It could be as much as 2/3 less. I did this for my Mom when she was taking very expensive drugs. All I had to do was order from planet drugs.com and fax the prescriptions to them Very nice people and very easy.
    I would not steer you to a scary on-line company. They are a company out of Vancouver. Many people do this…..

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