5 down 30 to go

Yes…..number 5 was this evening. And yes….technically it is tomorrow because I can’t sleep yet.

Teri took me  to number 5 and then we went to Hymie’s for dinner and Yapple Yogurt after.

The waiting room was once again filled with those who do not speak to anyone but stare lots.  Of course it could be because they were suffering from not just breast cancer but shoe envy.  After all I was wearing one of my two pairs of fabulous summer wedges…

You see, I think Geralyn Lucas had the right idea with the whole lipstick thing.  Every day since I started checking out where I am getting my radiation done, I have noticed most women so glum, so tight, so withdrawn inside themselves. 

O.k. yes, it’s breast cancer, it’s scary, I am tired as shit and I am flashing along with getting french fried boob, but still?  Why look and act and feel gray when you don’t have to?  So even if I don’t wear make-up or lipstick every day (hello, it’s disgustingly hot outside and my face feels like it is sweating off these days heat is so getting to me), but well I do try to NOT look like a total schlub. 

So for number 5 I wore my super summer Mia cork wedges.  Teri asked me how I walked in them (very high for me, my sister who glides, yes glides in super high heels would have giggled).  I responded “carefully”.

And the wedges did not get in my way as I hopped out of Teri’s car at one point to snap photos of a GIANT tree that came down with a thud in a thunderstorm!

Bed time for the breast cancer girl.



About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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