keeping my groove grooving along…

Saturday I did my first event photography gig since before my surgery.  It was this crazy fabulous 40th birthday party downtown and it was totally swanky bubbles. 

The theme was white. Even the photographers wore white LOL. I seconded for one of the professional photographers I work with, and it was fun, but I was super tired afterwards.  This was an evening affair, so I stayed up past my bed time.  But I feel like I have to try to keep moving.   I can’t just sleep my life away and well, rads seems like an instant nap tonic.

I picked up another freelance photography job today.  It feels good to get back to that, because it feeds the positives in my head.

However, all things are not positive and I am feeling downright cranky about our local transit system – Septa.  I had to take one of the regional trains last week out to a station called Malvern which is under construction.

It was the shit hole from hell.  Here I am, a woman going through breast cancer treatment, and I think Calcutta might have looked better. 

I got off at Malvern and almost passed out after having to deal with  the heat  and added to that all the stairs then a huge hot macadam path, then I had to walk all the way under the underpass, around the train station, past at least 5 stinking porta potties and who knows reeking dumpsters, thru a creepy ally thing to get to a place at the station where someone could get to me to pick me up at the station.

This is ridiculous and for me it went beyond an inconvenience to unhealthy.  Yes I get construction inconveniences, but seriously?  Utter bullshit.

I am going to be sending those govie affairs folks a love note.

Todays photo is one of the “outs” from the shoot – I love the pink – it was from the lights on the dance floor.  I made it extra zoomy to blur out the faces for these purposes, incidentally,  but I still like the photo…

Special thanks to one of my friends who played Good Fairy and left me lucious fresh peaches, blueberries and some amazing tomatoes and other veggies – YUM!!!!!!

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  1. Great photo! Love that you are able to go back to one of your passions.

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