system victim: they said, they said

Alrighty, so first call of the day was my surgeon’s office this morning telling me it took ten days for them to get approval for the oncotype from my insurance company.  Of course, then my insurance company tells a different tale.

Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

So I am in the end approved and I have to wait.  The thing of it is as we all know if I decided to be super slow paying either a co-pay or my health insurance premium they would all have offices hollering at me.  Maybe they don’t get that I am upset and the additional stress I am feeling because now I have to wait another 14 days from receipt of sample (which lab said they did not have yet as of yesterday) to find out my treatment fate.

I am not happy about this.  I have a life, I have emotions I am trying to manage and a whole support circle is on pins and needles for me.

For breast cancer patients, anything over a couple of days for an approval is just too long.  Sorry, but I think it is.

As women we have multi-layered lives we have to organize, so I wish things would move faster.

In other news, since part of my job functions are running a small office, I have to phone in the payroll every month.  So I call up the payroll folks with my numbers all in order and discover that my employer has without telling me removed me as the authorized person to enter payroll and replaced me with himself.  Of course this begs the question why as well as being an egregious insult to my honesty and work ethic which have never been called into question anywhere at any time.  I am quite simply a work horse.  And this doesn’t just affect me but other staff.   

The fun just never stops. I guess when you get breast cancer the trust is gone or something?  But would that be my trust in faith in humanity or theirs in mine?

But I will remain positive.  And I will get through all of this.  Mind you my stress is up there right now, but I will work on that.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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