breast cancer survivor seeks new opportunities

Well I think since I am through the surgery and my lymph nodes and margins are clean and clear I am some sort of survivor, yes?

Now that I am part of the sisterhood of life-changing events I know that aspects of my life simply have to change. I am being given an opportunity in life here to re-evaluate and re-examine. 

I have come to the conclusion that includes current job o’mine.    I deserve better than I am getting.  I think I also have a lot more to offer.

That being said you all know by now I can write.   I would love someone to give me a column and basically take my voice from this blog national because I think I have something to offer.   If people like Martha Stewart could get syndicated, even write a book why not me?   I am so much more fun!!!

However, if that is not in the cards, I can do things for other people to make them and their businesses shine.  Are you a local non-profit, business , or individual needing a bump in profile?  Need to get noticed? Good ideas, clever copy, and the occasional press release don’t have to break the bank!  Contact me to learn more! I love watching something I place or help create, take form, and come to life on a larger stage! 

In addition my skill sets include digital photography. Need a couple of photos taken quickly? Can’t afford studio prices? Need a private party or non-profit event covered? I’m good, and candid shots in particular are a specialty.  No studio. I shoot, you pay, I give you chip with your photos on it after  I give it a once over and delete bloopers and you print yourself. I am not a wedding or straight architectural photographer – that is a very special discipline, but I do second a professional photographer who occasionally does these things, so I do have access to a road show for that!

And for the practical in you who don’t need creative services and aren’t offering me my dream writing job but need a dynamic individual to run your small to mid-sized office ? I do that now! I am honest, dependable, smart and have a strong work ethic. I pay my own health benefits, can pass background checks and be bonded.  I prefer a flexible schedule right now as I am entering into treatment, but if you want your office run correctly, I am the one for you.  I have the experience you need!

Mind you I would be ideal for one of the breast cancer charities, would I not?

When life gives you lemons people, make lemonade – let what little Alex did be an inspiration, as it is to me!

And a wise friend once said to me that you have to put it out there for people to know you are looking for something.

Here’s hoping all my years of paying it forward will be worth something, although I never did that in the hopes of this.  It’s just a putting positive energy and searching for the kindness of karma.


About carla

Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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