post-surgery update: more to do, more to learn…

Saw my lovely surgeon today – and she is lovely – I really like her and her office staff . 

I am not out of the woods yet so keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming.  That little bastard they yanked out of me goes in for oncotype. I have a stage 2 estrogen-receptor positive cancer- so this test is a crucial key in making sure I treat this the best way possible.

Ah yes… for some of you this is a new thing – it is a cool thing – oncotype is a test which to my limited knowledge basically tests  the tumor and from that they can have a better gauge as to the probability of recurrence and whether or not I will benefit from chemo, or if it will just be radiation and tamoxifen for now.

Depending on where I am on the scale – it comes back as a graph the surgeon said – is whether or not I need chemo.  If I am on the low end, no chemo; if I am on the high end, chemo and radiation.  If I am in the middle, I don’t know. But knock on wood and kiss the rosary beads, because as I have clean margins and no lymph node involvement I am hopefully considered at a lower risk for recurrence, but of course there is no crystal ball – hence why oncotyping is SO amazing a tool.

Oncotype is something the nurse lady from Aetna told me about yesterday when she was asking me if I was having chemo or not.  Yesterday I thought I wasn’t having chemo at all, and now well, I don’t know – will have to cross that bridge when I get to it.  I just sure hope I am not being paranoid and I didn’t flunk some quiz with the insurance company and they won’t try to deny my having it or paying for it – after all I am the new cancer patient not a doctor.

But we are going to think positve thoughts, are we not? 

My sweet man took me to see the surgeon today and I know he was tired and it is Africa hot outside.  He is aces and so are my gal pals.

One of my neighbors brought me over this amazing pasta salad tonight so I did not have to cook.  It is so good.  Not cooking once in a while is indeed a treat.

Today in my surgeon’s office I looked around a very crowded waiting room and except for a couple of women, the majority oozed this vibe that scared the crap out of me.  Maybe that is insensitive because who knows what everyone’s stage of the disease was, but truly a room full of negative oozing women really gives a bad vibe.  I hope I do not ever go to live in my head where some of them obviously were – how sad.

So…one more day of this under my belt!

And a final note and cause for celebration?  I can wear deoderant again!  Yipee!  I think I am going to stick to the quasi organic kind with no aluminum and no parabens for a while just to be safe – besides it will be what I have to use during radiation if they let me use anything at all.

Time for one of my favorite positive affirmations:

I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

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