friday morning…

Friday morning…another week done.  Another week with breast cancer, yet an essentially positive one.   This disease is a bitch, however as it makes you question everything… but I am o.k. and with a little help from the almighty, modern medicine, and friends & loved ones I will be fine and remain  fine.

But back to the question everything – breast cancer does do that.  Hand in hand with that, comes how snippets of conversations can affect you now as a breast cancer patient – your awareness is heightened in a sense.  So when you are speaking to someone going through treatment and/or living with the disease  be aware –because even if they get it and they  never deal with radiation or chemo or surgery ever again, I am learning you will always live with the disease – it is part of you forevermore which is why it is so important to handle it well I think.  Maybe that doesn’t make sense, maybe I have not articulated it properly, but there you have it.  Inner peace some moments, even when choosing to deal with this positively is something which can be hard-won.

So this morning my hospital system finally calls me back about the bills. “Well we can only break it out over six months” this faceless voice says to me.  Really, I am thinking?  Well you all better hope you don’t sock me with too many bills.  I find that really, truly aggravating.  I like to pay all my bills, including any credit card balance, off at the end of the month. And I do.   But where are the brownie points for that?  I ask because the first time you ask for help, a little consideration, or a payment plan they act like they are going to give birth to a Hydra if that happens. 

Seriously.   I don’t like asking for that consideration, but I did and they can deal with it.  After all, how many people do they have that just stiff them?

Oh I took a long look at the other incision today where they actually removed the tumor.  The surgeon removed those strips covering it yesterday.  It’s kind of cool.  She basically unzipped my skin above my nipple, following its curves.  So as I heal, the scar will be there, but it will be very neat and mostly unnoticeable. The other mark is not an incision, it was actually a blister that was caused by the strips and adhesive.  And what you see otherwise is the incision  and scar in its early stages (slightly puffy ) – not anything improper.

Life goes on people.  And life is a process….one foot in front of the other.  I am good, people. Smile…

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
– Eleanor Roosevelt


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  1. dropjohn says:

    Assuming your hospital accepts federal funding (90%of them do) they’re generally required to work out a *reasonable* payment plan with you. Check your state laws around this… they may not want to offer this (and huge numbers of patients do end up stiffing the hospitals for bills), and may not present it as an option, but it’s usually there. Really, assure them that you want to pay, you fully intend to pay, but driving you into bankruptcy is not going to help either you or them…. and check your legal rights before signing a payment plan that is unreasonable for your budget.

    The incision changes… be prepared. Mine actually looked better at first, in that the area where the tumor had been was still swollen – it wasn’t particularly noticeably swollen, but as that original swelling has gone down, a depression has appeared in my breast where the tumor and surrounding tissue were excised. It’s still early days and everything’s still in flux, I expect more changes over the next year or two before it settles into whatever it will be – just be prepared.

    and waiting for the Oncotype results is a *bitch*! 10 to 15 working days here….

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