monday morning

Morning sports fans!  I have my medical oncologist appointment lined up and still have one art pit that smells more than the other.   Incisions look good but everything still kinda pinches and in the background is a dull sort of pain.  But the pain is better, so I have cut the pain meds back some more.  But in the positive column, I no longer pee blue or green.

However, on this sunny day I have a magical hospital bill for the MRI they needed on me pre-surgery.  Over $250 and I was not supposed to have any overage so someone did not code correctly.  Did you know an MRI costs at least $9,425.00 in PA?  And if I was on welfare not health insurance I probably wouldn’t have this magical mystery MRI bill.  So my hospital system in spite of my asking day of MRI was there any co-payment, etc saying (the caps are theirs incidentally):

Your Insurance Company Has Paid Their Portion Of This Bill. Prompt Payment Of The Remaining Balance is Appreciated.

 Oh, o.k. so first you tell me when I ask day of that I will owe nothing  and then repeat it when I call after to check again and I have had MRIs before with and without dye and there have never been any overages – and in the same hospital system. Add this to the small bill on something else I should not have gotten that I received around May 20th and called about.  And oh yes I called about this one too.  You can’t speak to a live person in their “helpful” prompt ridden auto lady phone system for “customer service”, you have to leave a message.  They never call you back, so I also called the financial wizard in my regular doctor/gynaecology practice.  She’s like Glinda the Good Witch with making these situations disappear, so hopefully everyone figures out their coding.  If they don’t I might gnaw on their ankles a while.

But healthcare costs are crazy, aren’t they?

I am still tired.  I am tired of tired.  I slept only so-so last night. 

My neighbor I told you about still can’t keep anything solid down and starts more chemo today.  Then they send her home with some kind of “fanny pack”.  I guess that is like chemo to go.  I am worried about her.  Especially when her friend told me that she had had nausea and other symptoms for months.  I guess I am a big baby but I would have gone ASAP to the doctor then, but it’s not for me to judge.  But I have to tell you, having someone deal with in essence terminal in close proximity when I am dealing with something highly curable gives me definite moments I gotta tell you.  I almost feel guilty for my ability to heal if that makes sense.

 What else? Oh I spring the critters from the vet today.  That will be another bill from hell.

However, in spite of these irritations, I remain positive.  Life is worth living and fighting for.  Sorry I sound like a Hallmark card.  And I sound feisty but am not operating on all cylinders yet, so please don’t expect me to, ok?  My mind is normal, my body not yet.

Go forth and enjoy the day!  And try not to vomit when you hear the news that Rick Santorum, that self -focused preachy freak, has announced he wants to run for president – just say NO.  We don’t need freaks like Santorum in American politics…and I remember where he was the last time on women’s issues.  I am not a women’s libber by any stretch of the imagination, but having breast cancer has definitely raised my awareness as to the protections women need.

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