love my neighbor? not today thank you very much.

So I had to spring the beasts from jail.  The veterinarian’s office helped me get them in order and out the door without pulling anything.  Walking home  s-l-o-w-l-y ( my left arm hardly has a full range of motion yet and well the bottle on the pain meds says “don’t drive” and no one seemed to be around when I needed to go pick them up) I had to go past one neighbor’s house I was hoping to get by unscathed. 

No such luck.

Out of nowhere like a bat out of hell came the damn furry piranha.  Yup, a Chihuahua from hell.

It made a bee-line for my beasts.  Up and under it went searching for soft underbelly to chomp on.  I am unsteady somewhat on my feet still and had to manage to move them away while screaming for the owner to get her lazy ass off the sofa and come get her pint-sized terrorist with fur.

My one beast got nipped but no skin was broken.  But the end result of my having to move so fast is my surgical site is throbbing.    Next time I will let my beasts have a Mexican delicacy. Screw that.

I just checked and no, I did not thankfully tear anything – just moved too fast.  But damn it all? What is up with these people? Their damn dogs go after people all of the time (they have more than one Chihuahua), go after dogs all of the time and they never seem to give a crap.

Well I am pissed now.  They better keep their little rodents away from my beasts and ankles from now on.  Next time I will call the animal warden and have them cited.

The vet bill was HUGE.  And that is a nonreimbursable breast cancer expense.  But my beasts were safe and happy as I got through surgery and the first few days.

I am exhausted right now, but I have some work to do.   Regular work.  I am so tired but I have to do some of it.

P.S.? Don’t ever buy me a Chihuahua as a gift.    They are a menace.



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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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