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pizap-com14835612155761It started with a message from a friend:

** Please Consider Calling / E-mailing for Obamacare**
Paul Ryan’s office is conducting a phone poll, hoping to hear overwhelming opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Here’s how you can participate:

Call (202) 225-0600

Press 2 to weigh in on the issue. You’ll hear a recording about the bill to repeal it, then Press 1 to support continuing the Affordable Healthcare Act.

You will also have an opportunity to leave speaker Ryan a voice mail where you can explain how repealing the ACA will effect your life. NOTE: I’ve heard some people say they were able to leave a message while others are saying his mailbox is full. So, this option may be a hit or miss.

This literally takes 5 minutes! If this is important to you, please make a quick call. I made my call and wrote my letter to my representative. Use your voice!


I called.  How could I not? If they repeal the entirety of the Affordable Care Act or even just most of it, I know damn well I will probably lose my insurance.

I live in Pennsylvania, the land of sucky insurance choices to begin with.

Let’s recap how I came to Healthcare.gov:

Quite a few years ago now I went to work for an exceedingly cheap son of a bitch.  Scrooge had nothing on him, incidentally.  Dude (as we all remember) from when I started this blog was too cheap to offer benefits or access to benefits.  Only took care of himself. He also did not offer proper vacation time or sick time, which is why I worked all the way through breast cancer treatment except for the actual surgery day.

As a self-pay person prior to the onset of the Affordable Care Act all I could get was Aetna.  Aetna was tolerable UNTIL the Affordable Care Act.  Then it got worse. I won’t relive everything I have written in previous posts but as open enrollment arrived this past fall like millions of others in PA who were self-pay and NOT on the Exchange discovered Aetna was basically dumping us too.  In the summer of 2016 they had dumped all folks in PA who had them on the Affordable Healthcare “Exchange”.

So it took forever and I was left with no choice as a self-employed person but to sign up via the Affordable Care Act and get on the Exchange.   I signed up for Independence Blue Cross because well that was what was available to me.  It took weeks to get it settled because although I paid my binding premium through Healhtcare.gov they did not credit it right to the insurance company.  Between Christmas and the New Year I was fraught with additional healthcare anxiety.

It is 2017 and my healthcare is set for the year. What happens if Paul Ryan and the collective idiocy known as the new US Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act?


That is not hype, that is not drama, it is the simple truth (you know that thing most politicians wouldn’t recognize if it bit them on the ass?)

They do not have a plan to replace it and well they do not have to worry, Uncle Sam and the US Taxpayers pay for their Cushy Cadillac benefits.  So they can’t get any of this if they tried.

I am a breast cancer survivor so I know I have paid enough dealing with healthcare benefits. We need less chaos, not more.

I took the time to call Speaker of the House Paul Ryan because I am not naive – I know what will happen if this act is repealed.  Insurance Companies will throw a giant party and screw us.

I sound like a broken record but while Obamacare is far from ideal in a lot of ways, we have been forced to deal with it and get used to it.  Repealing it puts all of us in jeopardy because once again it is a giant bunch of politicians  fighting with each other and things like Obamacare and ethics safeguards are convenient weapons to pummel each other with. But when it comes to healthcare it will be chaos because of one thing they have never addressed: reforming the health insurance companies themselves and allowing for more choice in most states.

Please make the call and take the time to contact your own representatives.

We can’t afford to be sacrificial healthcare lambs while politicians cock fight on the hill in Washington DC.  Our lives are literally at stake.

Rise Up.


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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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2 Responses to rise up

  1. Cathy says:

    Amen. So glad you wrote this and tagged me on Twitter. I hope you don’t have your insurance taken away and that your cancer is in remission forever. Best of luck to you. Prayers for us all!

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