continued problems with aetna


aetna 3Seriously, I am ready to cry I am so frustrated and stressed out by Aetna thus far in 2015. Recently (as in a couple of weeks ago) I wrote about Aetna issues .  Nothing has changed, but the issues have compounded and grown.

Well not completely true….one of my issues was rectified….sort of….  I had never received an I.D. card for my shiny new convoluted plan after they figured out after multiple phone calls finally, exactly, and when they debited the money for it out of our accounts to bind this new premium.  Now I have THREE plastic I.D. cards for the PA Aetna Gold $0 (Zero Dollar) CoPay HMO Savings Plus PD plan. And oh goody they ALL say “Invalid Choice” in the PCP line. That is because some people at Aetna (like the Social Media Customer in case you need the e-mail address) say my primary care physician with the University of Pennsylvania Health System/HUP/Penn Medicine/Penn Health for Women  is NOT part of my new plan although OTHER people with Aetna out of Nashville, TN (who sold me the plan) say they can clearly see my doctor as being part of the plan.

Of course calls to my healthcare system (HUP/Medicine/Penn Health for Women) isn’t quite satisfying on this issue either. All they could tell me is that they did not understand why anyone at Aetna would tell me that my doctor wasn’t covered because the only Aetna plan that anyone there knew of NOT taking Penn Doctors was ONE Medicare or Medicare supplemental plan. And while I have hit the half century mark, I have not reached the age or need for Medicare!  Penn gave me their provider number (1326154741).

So the WTF cloud of Aetna mystery remains. I don’t know for sure that my primary care physician or any of my specialists can be seen and will be covered! I have doctors appointments and mammograms to schedule!!!

And P.S. when I spent hours and hours calling Aetna two weeks ago until I finally got through to the guy in Nashville who sold me on this plan and signed me up I was told  this was being escalated to a supervisor to fix….but I have heard nothing.  Nothing. Again I ask WTF am I paying for? Why did I spend hours verifying all of my doctors would be on this plan only to spend weeks not being sure and afraid to make appointments because I am afraid I will get wopping hospital and doctor bills???

I am so stressed out I am ready to cry.  I spent hours of my life going over all the new plan choices so I could have the care I needed (and thought I was paying for).  Breast cancer patients and even breast cancer survivors like myself under active care need continuity of care.  But I don’t know what I am paying for and if I make a misstep in this convoluted healthcare system we must live in I could potentially cripple my family with hospital bills!

And speaking of paying for, it is the 28th of January and I still haven’t received an invoice for February from Aetna?!  HOW THE F am I supposed to PAY??? Am I supposed to mystically receive a vision through the air that has all my invoice information on it? Are they doing this so subscribers pay late and then they can cancel them for non-payment?

And then there is the matter of the letter that says my full pharmacy benefits will take effect soon?  Again, WTF Aetna? “As of January 1, 2015 your pharmacy benefits and insurance plan with Aetna took effect. However, the required installation is not fully complete.” Is this insurance speak for “whoopsies”?

Is this all the fault of Obamacare or partially so since our ridiculous warring politicians in Washington DC can pad legislative bills on the way to becoming acts with dumb ass political payback and largess but actually can’t legislate anything effective?

So now supposedly everyone in the USA is covered or can have health insurance coverage but what are they covered for and covered by exactly? And why is it everything is STILL so expensive, or truthfully even more so? (Insurance companies tout “affordable” insurance prices and then you read what the “affordable” actually gets you and how many doctors and hospitals won’t take it.)

And how is all of this not going to derail down the road since nothing about Obamacare actually reforms insurance companies themselves?

Why do I as someone who has always kept herself covered by insurance even when I wasn’t working feel like I am being punished ?

Health insurance in this country is a bigger mess than ever. Republicans and Democrats you are ALL to blame, not just Mr. President who in theory had a good idea….and then politics got in the way.

If you are having health insurance issues, post a comment. I am NOT offering to help, I can’t. But misery loves company.

I can see I am spending more time on the phone today.  Hopefully I can make it out of the Philippines call center for Aetna this time. Most of the time now you can’t. And I do not get why if my issue was escalated to a supervisor why it is in TWO weeks no one can pick up the phone and call and talk to me? I wonder how many people with Aetna are having similar issues to mine right now?

Grrrrr. I survived breast cancer thus far. I am not sure I will survive Obamacare or whatever you  want to call the brave new world of health insurance in the USA.

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  1. Jason Bradshaw says:

    You can always reach out to your state department of insurance if you are not getting what you need. Please understand it may not get resolved overnight but they should help you if you are having problems. Wishing you the best and quick resolution to this matter! Jason

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