breathe and exhale….

Today I woke up a jumble of nerves and emotions.  It was my first mammogram post diagnosis/surgery/treatment.  And I had ultrasounds too to take a peek at my uterine lining and all that good stuff on Tamoxifen. (I have had fibroids and ovarian cysts through out my life.) Also had a skin check at the dermatologist.

I was fine until I got to Penn Radnor and then it was like I had lead in my feet.  It seemed the short walk from the parking lot to the front doors took forever.  When I got in I went first to my dermatology appointment to check in.  Only one problem, that was my last appointment.  Grrr.  So running around the halls I went.

Into the mammogram room I went and my technician was awesome. But boy, I have to tell you, mammogram minus part of your breast kind of hurts.

Then I went to sit down, drink more water and wait.  For ultrasounds and to get copies of my breast images and to see if they wanted more shots of my breasts.

When a nurse came to bring me into an inner office to wait for a radiologist named Dr. DuPont I thought I was going to pass out.  The room did spin a couple of seconds.

Turns out, this  has a best practice of meeting with the patients.  And the best was he said everything seems to look o.k.


The nurse told me she was glad to see the color back in my face.

I am not sure about the ultrasounds yet, but the technician didn’t indicate anything amiss.

My skin check was also clean, but my dermatologist Dr. Roth told me that I am now at an increased risk of skin cancer due to the seven weeks I glowed with radiation.  I did not know that, but it is good to know.

I bought myself a pair of shoes afterwards.

One down.

Thank you all for you support and positive vibes and prayers today.  I needed them and appreciate them.



I did it….



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1 Response to breathe and exhale….

  1. jelebelle says:

    Yay to you….and good for you, treating yourself to some shoe luv 🙂

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