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So earlier this week I went to the spring launch party for Main Line Parent Magazine hosted by one of my Beyond The Pink Moon Lovelies, Pamela.  What a nice bunch of women!   It can be hard walking into an unknown circle of ladies, and how pleasant they all were.  And I saw my pal Janet too.

Then the other day I made the acquaintance of an older man.  Today was his wife’s first day of chemo for lung cancer.  Then she has radiation after she finishes the chemo course.  She sounded terrified and he also by default.  A total stranger, and I was hard-pressed not to give him a hug.

One of the things this man asked me is whether or not he should let her go to appointments alone.  I told him no even if she said she could do it and then told him about my Driving Miss Daisy Gals and what they did for me.  It felt good to pay that forward.   I wish them well.  That totally sucks – here is this cute couple enjoying retirement and BAM! a life changer.

Now for the humor portion of my week.  I had a freelance assignment and was having a working lunch yesterday at a local place called Du Jour .

So there we were working on our project partially over lunch and all of a sudden at my elbow was this tall blonde woman in an outfit I would neither purchase nor recommend to a friend looking at us.  I looked up at her quizzically and asked if I could help her and she launches into this shill for the boutique next door called Linda Golden.

This woman dressed in convenient sized 2 or 4 launches into this spiel about showing us the latest fashions from this boutique.  I try to politely deflect her as  I was there working over lunch with a couple other people, not there as a lady who lunches.  She interrupted us and then would not take a hint.

I found this smirky, talking mannequin incredibly intrusive and I swear what does it take for someone to get the hint?  I finally said to her point-blank that we were working and thanked her for her time.  She looked at me like I had some nerve.  It was ridiculous.  And lordy, if you go into the store it’s not a place for women who are not twigs or who don’t carry at least a gold American Express card.  This chick had no KYC radar – a/k/a Know Your Client. And the couple of times over the years I went into the place she was shilling for  to look for a gift, the people working there were down right snotful.

I was amused that as this mannequin went from table to table (in between going back to the store for costume changes), people did not look thrilled to be interrupted.  But unless you are going to a fashion show luncheon, do you necessarily want a table-side fashion show?  It was like the lap dance you didn’t order.  This is one of my favorite lunch spots, but if guerilla fashion shows are going to be part of the repertoire they could at least warn people when they are seated so they can opt out if they choose.

Now for the I’m nervous of it all: tomorrow is my first mammogram and ultra sounds since my diagnosis, surgery and treatment.  My sweet man tells me I will be fine and I think I will be….but I am a little scared.

So there we have it…..

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  1. jelebelle says:

    A lap dance you didn’t order…. Luv that line! Ha. Good luck tomorrow, keep us posted. xo

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