eight months

In the midst of all the crazy news about the uncharitable actions of  Susan G. Komen   that broke yesterday and went viral today (and isn’t an awesome PINK STINK being raised?), I neglected to self-celebrate a little mini cancerversary of my very own.

I will remedy that now.

EIGHT months ago today my awesome surgeon Dr. Dahlia Sataloff performed surgery and it was out, out damn lump.  Eight months ago at this time I was a gauze mummy and not sure my left nipple was still there (it is still with me, incidentally.)

As I celebrate my mini cancerversary today, I think of people I know who went before me, like the woman who once was a girl from my childhood Joanna .

Today I celebrate myself and all of you.  That sounds a little weird even to me, but it’s the truth.   I am grateful to my friends and family near and far for their love and constant support.  Special nods of love in addition go to my fabulous Driving Miss Daisy ladies and one very sweet man who has completely changed my world for the better with his love, support, and honesty.

Every day is a gift.  I also have to thank all the super cool doctors and nurses not mentioned earlier or in this post.  Especially Dr. Samantha Pfeifer and Dr. Lee Hartner. (If you all think I whine at all of YOU about Tamoxifen and hot flashes and sleep interrupted….)

As the pink stink against Susan G. Komen grows with every new article and blog post (might I suggest She The People in the Washington Post?), it should make all of us realize how important it is as women to preserve our rights to not only decent affordable healthcare, but our rights as well.   As was said in a comment by “truly1” under a blog article in the Washington Post earlier today:

“A whole lot of American women have been asleep these past few years while the extreme right has snuck [sic] up on our flank like a thief in the night. This was the wake up call.”

I am not a super liberal by nature, but I do believe in a woman’s right to choose.  I am not going to tell another woman that what is o.k. for me is o.k. for them.  My body, my choice; their bodies, their choices.

But for Susan G. Komen to do what they have done in an act of politically motivated cowardice, well aren’t they besmirching the memory of the brave woman for whom the charity was begun and named after in the first place?

Normally I do Read For The Cure as a way to be supportive.  Today I shredded my form and figure I will save myself the money.  I will not support anything they (as in Susan G. Komen) do going forward.  All women should be treated equally.  After all breast cancer does not discriminate, does it?

Happy mini cancerversary to me.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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2 Responses to eight months

  1. Happy mini anniversary!

  2. Love the cupcakes!! hard to come by here in Germany but we have some awesome substitutes. “Everyday is a gift” love that as well – I try to keep this in my heart everyday. Congratulations on your canceversary and bless those that took ( and continue) to care for you.

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