the break up (a re-blog)

Here you go – another opinion. It’s time to tell Susan G. Komen to go away. There are smaller, more caring breast cancer charities out there – you know charities that know breast cancer doesn’t discriminate.  We survivors know that breast cancer does not care if the woman is a prostitute or a virgin, what the color of her skin is, where she lives, how much money she has. 

Whether you break up with or boycott Susan G. Komen,  just kick them to the curb.  They have forgotten why they supposedly exist.  Maybe someone should take a really close look at them, eh?  Komen as an aside seems to be having website issues today.  Pity that. (not)

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I rarely research stuff over here.   I mean, I’m not a professional journalist, or a professional blogger.  I suppose I may qualify as a professional cancer-haver, but I’d rather not have that moniker, so let’s just sit back and marvel at the fact that the recent decision for for the Susan G. Komen foundation to withdraw funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood has actually gotten me angry enough to do a little digging.

So.  Hey.  Dear Susan G. Komen.  We need to break up.  It’s not me, it’s you.  It’s you and your endless merchandising of the disease that kills thousands of people every year.  It’s your litigious nature.   It’s the constant, uneasy feeling I get when I start reading about where the millions of dollars you make actually go.  It’s withdrawing your funding from Planned Parenthood–it can be spun any way you like, but…

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  1. سئو says:

    what can I say on it?

  2. While you are reading – check this out too from the Washington Post:

    Posted at 12:31 AM ET, 02/01/2012
    Planned Parenthood will recoup, but will Komen?
    By Melinda Henneberger

    “When the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which funds research about breast cancer, a disease I had 10 and again 9 years ago, started threatening smaller nonprofits and claiming exclusive rights to the phrase “for the cure” — as in “Komen Race for the Cure” — I was
    cured of thinking very highly of their outfit…..Komen, which seemed utterly unprepared for the outcry, may not bounce back quite so fast. In response to the charge that it had given in to bullying, Komen said in a statement to CBS News that “grant-making decisions are not about politics.” The PR team that came up with that one may have a future in comedy.”

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