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2011 continues to do the December count down, and with all its craziness, there have been many happy events.  This weekend was no exception.

Yesterday evening one of my Karens got married in Mt. Joy, PA.  Surrounded by friends, in a fabulous historic house, it was a wonderful thing to be part of.

I have to tell you the way she did her wedding was perfect – it wasn’t huge. It was festive because she combined it with her Christmas party.  It was pretty, it was intimate, it was relaxed and fun.  My sweet man had a hell of a week that ended with a dog eating a blanket and requiring emergency surgery, so it was really nice after a long week for both up us to get dressed up and go celebrate my friend’s happiness.

At the wedding/Christmas party I caught up with one of the guests whom I had enjoyed meeting before.   Since we both last saw each other she also did a dance with breast cancer.  She looked fabulous.   Like I hate the word warrior (as in warrior in pink for example), she doesn’t like the word survivor…she was so nice to talk to – she’s a writer (sigh, you know that thing I would in my heart of hearts like to be when I grow up.)

This woman had a bit tougher road to hoe than I.  She was HER2 positive, where I was HER2 negative, so although she was an earlier stage than I, the HER2 meant her doctors put her through a course of chemo and she is taking herceptin for a year.  Her hair has come back in and seriously, this is one inspirational woman and mother.

I am continually blown away by the survivors I meet.  Every single one is feisty and cool.

I hope this woman has a joyous Christmas.  She deserves it.

I did realize last night that I still get tired more quickly than I used to.  And I have to conquer the Tamoxifen screws with my sleep thing.  I can deal with hot flashes, but I love to sleep and I don’t dig sleepus interruptus.

Today my moods have been a little up and down, a little emotional.   Some days are just like that.   I shake myself out of it, but it’s hell while it lasts.    This is yet another one of the purported joys of Tamoxifen.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my sweet man is?   Being loved by him makes all the difference in my world.   And it amuses my friends that there is finally someone who can fluster me.

Anyway….hope everyone is doing well.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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