christmas wish…

I was pondering something today ….and it’s simple.  I have been so blessed by the gifts of love bestowed upon me by my friends and family in 2011 and because of these gifts I got through a bout of breast cancer, different (well I do now have 1 6/8 breasts after all), but very much alive and kicking.

My loved ones near and far got me through this positively and keep me pointed in that direction of positive today.  And it has been a challenge some days.  Breast cancer is not easy peasy, it’s a big deal.

My support system were the people around me and in my life near and far.  I am someone who did not find support groups that fit my needs – what I saw was not for me.  I was neither a warrior or a wallower.  I wanted to get through, live my life and be positive.  I needed something for me and you all rose to the occasion.

You all did that with me and I love you for it.

My  friend Linda from high school organized the fabulous squadron of women known as the “Driving Miss Daisy List.”  Linda knew I could go to most of my appointments alone, but maybe the EMT training in her, or just that amazing mother-side in her said “no” and she got all these people together on my behalf.

As you all know, thanks to the “Driving Miss Daisy List” unlike a lot of women, I faced nothing alone. Every day I opened the door to someone special in my life to get me through – and trust me, I can be a major pain in the ass.

I know what a difference this made in MY life dealing with my case of breast cancer, so I have as one of my Christmas wishes a simple request: friend or stranger, near or far, pay the Driving Miss Daisy List forward.  Make this a breast cancer initiative.  After all, we want to find a cure, but women also just need basic support.

I have readers from all over thanks to this blog and the Pink Sisterhood.  I hope you consider my Christmas Wish to make Driving Miss Daisy List a thing that becomes something special.   A movement of sorts.  Because it was something so very special to me.

To my friends and family and loved ones, the closer it gets to Christmas and the end of the year, the more schmoopy I might get, so please bear with me. It’s just that thanks to all of you I am indeed a breast cancer survivor.

Sending you all light and love on a rainy December day



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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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