pinktober/snowtober draws to a close

This post has nothing to do with breast cancer.  

 Or maybe it does. I  don’t really know.

I have decided it is easier getting a referral for one of my plentiful breast cancer related doctor appointments then it is getting the United States Postal Service to deliver my sister’s birthday present via Priority Mail in NYC.

I sent my sister a birthday gift priority mail  October 21st.

I paid $13.45 for the Priority Mail privilege to do so.

On October 25th when it still had not arrived, I put it in for re-delivery on October 26th.(so much for that 2 -3 day delivery guarantee or whatever, right?)

Nothing.  As in here it is October 31 and for some reason those shlubs at Gracie Post Office 10028 seem unable to remove their thumbs from their asses and deliver a package that was paid for and insured as a priority.  They suck.   They eat, not deliver mail.  They have the worst customer service.   My sister actually went to the post office and they couldn’t even give her the package which was only addressed to her so why rush?

And then today I get a customer satisfaction survey. I think I went from 0 to 500 in about 10 seconds I was so pissed off.  I filled out the survey and then called and spent 20 minutes going through phone prompts before I got a professionally soothing person who swears he cares about my Postal Plight and claims they will re-deliver tomorrow.

Snowtober was merely a nesting event for me….if you discount my sweet man’s car getting stuck 7 feet in the air on a lift  in a garage when the power went out.

A few days into Tamoxifen I would say I am definitely crabby, but that could just be the United States Postal Service, a long PINK month, and a sudden inundation of political mailer junk mail and commercials. 

How do career politicians keep getting jobs and everyone else (myself included) cannot?   Yep, a job I had been in the interviewing process for since July told me  last week I was in essence, second best.   

After all I have been through in the past few months I am just frustrated.    


At least tomorrow is November 1st which means no more Pinktober. 

Speaking of Pinktober, remember the funky NJ charity that was cold calling me and I could get any answers from them as to why they were calling and what exactly they didWell the Attorney General’s office in NJ sent me some documents on them . I say save your charitable contributions for a real breast cancer charity.

 Happy Halloween.  I have neither tricks nor treats, I am just here. 


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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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2 Responses to pinktober/snowtober draws to a close

  1. A HUGE plus to being overseas is that we miss a lot of the campaigning crap.Of course I vote, I served in the military for over 20 years, but the pre-election crap…I just can’t stand it, With the last election, my German teacher thought the Presidental race was occurring between Hillary and Barack….still can’t accept any president campaigning for a particular party,don’t they have a job to do? and now we have our president already campaigning???against whom??? Makes no sense to me. Sorry for going on, I’m apparently having a problem with sleeping tonight.
    Thanks for your blogging.

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