children of the corn

Yesterday I decided to rejoin the land of the living. I am still tired – which is unbelievable to me.  I am still congested and still have no voice (some consider that a blessing LOL) but we went to a local farm for pumpkins, apples, and a corn maze.  I did need some sun to recharge that vitamin D or whatever.

Anyway as we went to this amazing farm on 926 in Westtown, PA.  Chester County is loaded with these farms that open themselves up to us in the fall, but we chose Stratton’s Wynnorr Farm .   It is a beautiful piece of property and I think one of its hills offers one of the highest viewpoints in Chester County, PA. And it wasn’t commercial corn maze and pumpkins – it’s a real, old, working family farm.  The fun was simple and old fashioned.

The sun on my face felt good and I got to pick pumpkins with the kids.  What could be better?   I was with my sweet man and one of my best and oldest friends.  It was good to feel completely normal .  To not worry about my breast cancer, bills,  a job I dread every single day, and all the other things that are the unfortunate stresses of adulthood.

We were riding around on a smaller tractor with a cart run by one of the family members who lives on the farm.  We discovered her by accident because she had this amazing collie. She gave us the history of the farm and was just the kind of woman who you want to make friends with – very cool. 

Anyway as our smaller ride pulled over and waited for the large hay cart full of farm visitors to pass, I looked up and then I saw her.  I did not speak to her, did know her, but I recognized her for who she was: a breast cancer survivor.   Like me, her face was turned upwards toward the sun and she was smiling and at peace.  Her hair was short, the short of having had chemo, but she looked so happy and that made my heart glad.  It was an amazing little moment that probably no one but myself much noticed.

Enjoy the sunlight. Cherish the little moments in life and the magic of ordinary days.



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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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