color challenged

Greetings from the land of foggy brained.  Believe it or not I am still tired and this virus/cold thing is leaving my body on I don’t know whose time schedule, certainly not mine. And yes, patience is a virtue I still need to discover more often.

So I was noodling around on and hit on something about male breast cancer – Dr. Weiss has a whole section for the boys as it were. You forget that sometimes men get this too.

Of course I see this as yet another reason why breast cancer awareness month shouldn’t be so pink….men can get it too – yes lucky women that we are it is more our playground than theirs, but in all fairness everyone thinking pink around the country this month should also fit in info for guys, just saying.  No man wants to be tagged with man boobs and pink rubber bracelet crap either, but they do have breasts and good breast health I am thinking should be universal?  So let’s not become too color challenged. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month also means lots of products for charity – or so they say.  I wish that companies doing breast cancer awareness month products would put more than the average of ten cents per unit sold of whatever special thing they are selling this month towards breast cancer charities if they are going to do this.  If you are going to do the charity thing, do it for real, not for marketing bumps that lead to a sales pop.

Switching gears, this week I had two things hit local media – the breast cancer article I wrote for Main Line Media News  and the interview with .  As a result a lot more people know then did before that I am now a breast cancer survivor.  Some of them have come up to me and they naturally bring up the topic (it’s not a secret, after all) , leading with “I’m sorry.”  Ok, you did not cause it so you have nothing to be sorry about.  I did not write about my experience, not do I continue to write about my experience to have a pity party of one – if that is what is translating across, I will have to re-work a lot of things.  I have done this to pay it forward to take the whispers and the secretiveness  and the dirty word aspect out of breast cancer.  It’s not pretty, it does suck, but we can get through it.  I completely accept the fact that thus far I am very, very lucky – and long may that luck continue.  But please, don’t be sorry – shit, literally happens and this is one of those times.  But we have to keep moving forward.

On the flip side there have been a few wagging tongues with a lot to say about my being open about my breast cancer.  Yes, I know about you and shake your heads all you like – this is my life, not yours.  I see no stigma in being a breast cancer survivor and it’s the reality of the world in which we live. 

I will also tell you I am tired enough that it is a marvelous excuse for a nap. 

Catch you all later.

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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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