you are never too old to NOT want your mother when you are sick…

I can’t count…but now I can – I have been sick since last Thursday.  Irritating, sad sack, hot eye-lid, fever, coughing up both lungs, swollen glands and sore throat kid sick. That’s just too many days of this crap.

I thought I turned the corner yesterday, but no, come 2 a.m. I was 10 again feeling miserable and wishing my mother was there in the next room (yes seriously, I got hit with that old feeling I feel so awful).

So here I am still home in bed feeling like my teeth with float I have had so many hot liquids. 

And a recent interview I did with a new Philadelphia Inquirer reporter went live today.  It’s funny – I love to write, yet being interviewed is actually hard.  Oh well, let me know what you think.

I am going back to being one with my pillow….and I still wish my mother was in the next room.  What a dork I am some days.  But seriously?  I hate to be repetitive, but I am sick, kid sick and sick of being sick.

Yes I now. More hot fluids, steam to break up congestion to beat the band, and rest. Rest..the hardest thing for me to do.

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2 Responses to you are never too old to NOT want your mother when you are sick…

  1. shelovestoswim says:

    I have of course just found your blog on and have been reading from today backwards. \
    First, I hope you get better fast and Tamoxifan is way better in cooler weather. I am likely in your age group and treated for BC opting for a double mastectomy/chemo. Oncotype was in the grey area. The reason I am posting is I made it to the part of your blog where you picked up the dogs and walked home. Not a funny story but my humour has changed a bit. Shortly after I had my surgery, I had taken very little time off from work but could not travel. I was feeling a bit housebound and took the dogs to “dog park”. No sooner do we get there then another dog in the park steals our tennis ball, yet another jumps on me then at full speed clocks by older dog(17) and tears the ACL. Other dog owners acting oblivious watching me follow my limping dog until I have to pick her up in the middle of the city street and carry her home, The younger lab is still distraught over the ball but follows, off leash and listening. I load my injured dog in the car and head to the vet thinking, this is it. The vet suggests surgery, which I explain I can hardly cover my own medical bills and preposterous for a 17 year old dog. If I was a millionaire, given what the year has brought would feel better with a donation in Daisy’s memory to a human. Given all my recent surgery I know there must be something so five months later my still limping dog takes a half a Rimadyl daily and is a fighter.

    I wish you all the best and I enjoy reading the blog.

    • Hi – thank you so much for your comment and for reading my blog. I am glad for the tamoxifen input and I hope you are doing ok and than you for sharing the dog story with me – case in unfortunate point of why I don’t lie most dog parks. I have a friend who had her dog attacked by another dog while it’s owner watched a couple years ago and the owner never even said “sorry” – basically told my friend “oh well” and wandered off. My friend’s dog had to get it’s side stitched up.

      I am still fighting this virus I seem to have piced up complete with fever and I hope it goes away in a couple of days because I don’t do sick well LOL

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