and then there were none….

I rang the bell. And yes, it stayed on the wall.  Seven weeks are now complete. 

A slew of my Driving Miss Daisy list showed up to watch me ring the  bell that says “Titanic”, along with my mother and a dear male friend who decided to brave the gal gauntlet .  



We were chided by a hospital administrator for being too loud.   (I had to resist the urge to tell him we were all a long time dead.)

 As we waited for me to go in for my last treatment (it was an unusually slow morning), I looked around at the familiar faces who are part of my life all of the time and the familiar faces I had grown to know during my seven weeks of treatment.  It was overwhelming emotionally and there aren’t too many moments in your life where you feel so much at once, but today, I felt that crazy mix of emotions which  just wash over you like a wave at the beach. 

 But it wasn’t a sad wave. It was mostly happy, a lot of relief, and a little bittersweet.  I did my actual crying in the radiation room when I was finished because I truly can’t explain how awesome the team of technicians and nurses who were with me every step of the way at Lankenau were. 

The waiting room will now be much quieter…..

Pardon me, while I take a nap.  I still hurt and more of my skin has done some icky things.

On an unrelated note, my friend Tina sent me the most awesome new bay leaf plant.  One of my favorite plants on an important day.

 Longer letter later.


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Writer, blogger, photographer, breast cancer survivor. I write about whatever strikes my fancy as I meander through life.
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2 Responses to and then there were none….

  1. Hooray!!!

    I don’t think a person realizes just how much the support of the radiation team means until you have that last treatment. You described the moment very well…bittersweet.

  2. Congratulations – you have been very strong throughout thiese treatments. Hope that you will keep blogging. ( and I’ll keep you on my praylist )

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